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Just When I Think I've Thought It All
Dammit.... now I have a new fetish that I will obsess about.

An unlucky man is trapped in an elevator for 41 hours. 


I'd love to have this happen to me. But I don't think it's the kind of scene that I could arrange. For example, part of the "fun" is not knowing when I would get out... or if I would get out at all. Instead, if I negotiated a scene like this with a friend, I would make sure I would get to work on Monday, that I had enough food and water, etc. I think this fantasy is more like a desire to be kipnapped or chloroformed... something nice to think about when I'm horny, but not anything that I would get to experience in real life. Then again, you should see the secret closet/panic room I have installed in my house. That could sure come in handy!

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Best pickup line ever: "Does this rag smell like chloroform to you?"

Second favorite (somewhat related) pickup line: "If we went camping and you woke up in the morning with tons of vaseline up your ass, would you tell the police? No? Then... wanna go camping?"

How does anyone actually stay trapped in an elevator? Aren't there ceiling exits that allow access to the elevator shaft (and presumably maintenance works)?

Yes and no. They have been doing away with the trap doors in the ceilings, especially if the elevator is monitored by a camera. Obviously this one is, but the person monitoring never saw it. Actually persons, since this was 40 hours, it would have been 5 shifts. Also those alarm buttons dont work very well if all they are hooked up to is a blue light outside the building.

(Deleted comment)
The fact that he didn't at least take a piss leads me to believe that the "elapsed time" meter is pure bullshit.

that was my thought exactly...

there are a lot of gaps in that, as well, so it could have easily been staged...

That's in the linked New Yorker article as well... he opened the inner doors and pissed down the shaft. The guy thought about throwing matches down there as well, but thought better of it.

But nope - it's a real video.

When I worked as an elevator mechanic, one of the worst tasks that I'd have to do from time to time was clean out the elevator pits. There were times when my mind just could not comprehend some of the things that I'd find down in the bottom of the elevator shafts.

So that footage was too risque' for us to see? Gee, we're still in the Victorian era...

Of course in *my* fantasy... there's another guy trapped in the elevator WITH me.

Yes, this was just written up in The New Yorker and posted on their site before it made it to Youtube. He managed to get hold of the tape as part of a legal case against the building management. Woohoo.

I worked in that building when it happened. We were all mighty thrilled at the news the Monday after.

Damn... 41 hours. For me, that's 14 meals.

I would have starved to death.

I hope he screamed for helped.. cried even. That would get me hard.

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