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I'm an Idiot - Part 1
So, I was trying to find a Master at CLAW who would love me forever and treat me horribly.

But it seems like the vendor room was all sold out of them. I was wondering why I couldn't find a big ol' daddybear to talk to all night, but three little submissives came up and talked to me. Did I look like a mean top? Was I sending out dominant vibes?

Then I figured it out... I was flagging left all night. I had a hanky in the wrong pocket. Left means submissive, correct? For some reason, I thought "the top is always RIGHT" and I got the signal wrong.

Damn those sneaky hanky codes!

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Sounds like one of those Homer Simpson, "D'OH" moments :)

When I came out 10 1/2 years ago, I also did that mistake & could not figure out why all these Tops were grabbing my ass & squeezing my tits & groping my dick without permission, then a new aquaintenance told me to stick my newly purchased hankies in my left rear pocket because I was flagging that I was a bottom ;-)

I made that mistake eons ago. It can be confusing but you eventually get the hang of it;-)

It didn't help that I was flagging *brown*.


I accidentally flagged Red at the Lure when I first came out. I just had a hanky with me that happened to be red and I took it out to wipe my glasses. My friend Will intervened before it got me in trouble.

Why Tops Flag on the Left

It's because We hang Our tools and weapons on the left, so that Our right arms have free movement.

Re: Why Tops Flag on the Left

Hrm, so where am i as a slave supposed to kneel? On Your left side or Your right? Do i count as a "tool or weapon"... or should i be easily within reach (for slapping, fondling, etc.) {grin}

Re: Why Tops Flag on the Left

I like a slave to be in arms's reach. Unless you're leashed and chained to My left side, then If facing the same direction (heeling) you'd be on My right. If facing Me, (e.g. bootlicking) then just left of center.

And as for whether you count as a tool or weapon, I'll tell you when you count....and what as....

Perhaps it is the deficiency of my company

Rarely if ever does anyone ever comment on or take note of or approach me no matter what I am flagging. Except my mother. She once asked me if the yellow hanky in my pocket meant what she thought it meant. I tried to be evasive, but she persisted. So I turned to her directly and said: "Mother, do you really want to have this conversation with me?" She said no. As an addendum to the story, the hanky in question was bought by my grandmother for me. She didn't know what it was to represent.

It is annoying that people are often intimidated by the very sort of man they want to meet.

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