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I'm an Idiot - Part 2
So, I'm bottoming in a scene for a great guy I know... and there's this protocol. I am supposed to give him a number between 1 and 10 whenever he asks about how much it hurts, so he can judge my pain tolerance and modify the scene as needed.

Somehow, halfway through the scene I got confused. For some reason, when he asked me for a number, I thought he meant the number of more strokes/spankings/floggings that I wanted to take. So, I would say "7" to mean that I could probably only take 7 more lashes before reaching a limit.

The astute readers out there might realize that this is exactly the *opposite* number system from what was required. For example, when the action got real painful, I was saying "3"... meaning I was 3 paddlings away from screaming. Unfortunately, he was hearing "3 on a scale of 1 to 10"... meaning he was free and encouraged to amp up the intensity a lot more.

I'm still new to all this stuff - I still screw up a lot! But I'll keep practicing.

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Hehehehe-now that's a fun mistake I can appreciate :)

Mistakes prove that you are trying;-)

If I'm far enough into the scene, I find it really hard to think coherently enough to answer that kind of question, especially if he's not repeating the FULL question. It may be worthwhile to warn a Top who wants to do this kind of communication that such a thing might happen (i.e. that complicated communication can be difficult for you).

Yeah, we've talked about that. I had a Master who liked to prove that I wasn't as good at math as I thought I was, by spanking me a making me count the strokes off in odd ways. For example, backwards from 100 by sevens: 100... 93... 86... 79... With punishment if I got a number wrong or took too much time to answer.

I like difficult scenes, and I love the confusion between mind and body. Too often I like to think they are separate things and unrelated. I love sex that makes me lose the power of human speech, or mindgames that make me forget the pain in my body. Not for every scene - but it makes for an interesting one!

Sounds like your friend would work well in an E.R.

ohhh I like that confusion. Besides just cause you scream doesn't mean you reached your limits...

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