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Six For Six! Or Maybe 6 and 0
I've gone to several leather events over the last year: MAL, IML, Dore Alley, Folsom Street, and SmokeOut. And I haven't managed to have an orgasm there that wasn't self-inflicted... if you know what I mean.

Last weekend, CLAW was no exception. Sure, I had *sex*... of a sort. I got flogged and single-tailed a bit during a demo. I was forcefed chocolate sauce and had it smeared all over my head. I played as a puppy with other guys for the first time in my life, and I loved that. And I got to wear all sort of costumes... mostly the grungy oily workclothes that I find much more erotic than the usual leather "harness-and-vest-and-boots-and-nazi-hat" get-up.

But I didn't get the kind of sex I've been craving lately: the opportunity to serve a Master. Buck-ass naked, kneeling, tied up in heavy bondage, used as a whipping boy and a pain slut and a sex toy and an object. The opportunity to suck and suck and suck a little but longer than I really want to, in order to make the Master shoot... or to be plowed with a hard dick at varying rates of speed and intensity until He cums (in a condom, of course). To have my pain and pleasure and confusion and panic used as a source of amusement for the Master's whim. To be tortured for hours... not knowing when the pain would stop - or if it would just get harder and harder to endure. To be exposed to new experiences - have the Master turn my head inside out and give me a new kink that I had never heard of and didn't know I would respond to so strongly. Or maybe just a moment of calm... being with a Master as His possession, laying on the floor or standing or being ignored, but just being present and ready to be owned but Him. If only for a little while.

That kind of sex didn't happen. But I did get one email address.

My boyfriend, on the other hand, got laid a *lot*. He couldn't beat off the boys with a stick. My partner has recently discovered craigslist and bear411, and it really suits him. Some guys want a daddy, and man oh man my man is a really really great leatherbear. With his looks - ruggedly handsome, with a white beard, not too much weight, and a fantastic kinky mind - he can constantly think up interesting things for his boys to do. He is a caring and loyal top, and a great guy to snuggle with when he wraps his arms around you to keep you warm and cared-for. If you are into the Daddy/boy dynamic, he may be the bear of your dreams.

So, during CLAW I "helped". I liked finding boys for him to play with. And when we brought them back to our hotel room, I fetched bondage supplies, or better yet, I tied the boy up using my own body and some half-remembered high-school moves while my partner tortured their tits or ass or dick or mouth. And I think the boys loved it. At least, they showed some appreciation by sucking and sucking in return. My boyfriend's dick is black and blue from the suction, as well as some really really sore nipples. But I stayed clothed (mostly) and semi-hard.

All of the play was great - it's what me and my partner *do* lately. Threesomes. Hunting together. Dinner parties. Social friends. But we don't play hard with each other any more. Just cuddling. The reason is that I want to *serve*... I want a Master who will treat me rough and hard. Someone who will challenge me and hurt me and that will establish a real power imbalance into the relationship. And while my partner is a fantastic fantastic bear, I don't what to go into that place with him.

See you all at IML, where I will throw myself at the feet of the first top I find, and will never be seen or heard from ever again.

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Wow, you're on a posting frenzy today...Cool. BTW, what I find at events is this-either you have that type relationship with someone already and go there with him, or you arrange that before hand with someone you know-it's a rareity to have that type of all weekend long scene to just happen at an event; then again, that's just my take on events.

I concur. planning beforehand is the way to go. Start your planning now for IML.

I can also totally eroticize you serving your partner by bringing him boys to play with and that your reward for it is to watch and ache.

IML is going to be *nuts*. I think I know almost one hundred people who are going.

I have a feeling that my friends are going to tell me, "Ooh Patrick... I can pencil you in for between 8:15 and 8:30 on Sunday morning. How does that work for you? Because otherwise my dance card is full..."

I have a feeling that my friends are going to tell me, "Ooh Patrick... I can pencil you in for between 8:15 and 8:30 on Sunday morning. How does that work for you? Because otherwise my dance card is full..."

That's why you start planning now. Set it up. Make firm dates/times. Now

Great! I can be the king of the fifteen minute BDSM session!

SHIT.. You were here and we didnt meet up.. I had my oily jeans and 7 yr old jock on too

I guess IML


Hey guy! Didn't know you were going. Didn't see you there, but I was wearing dirty Carhartts most of the time I wasn't completely naked. Shoot, wish we would have met up!

had lots of different gear on... u going to IML

You bet! And I plan on not getting laid there either!

I would love helping you discover your new, hidden kinks. :-)

Well, I don't know whether to say congrats or not...


Glad you are having fun! Wish it was more fun!

i'm glad you and yr partner are at least connecting in some way that means there's a sense of intimacy there

Yeah, we've got a lot of intimacy. For example, I love to hold hands or kiss my partner in public. Not necessarily very visibly... I try to keep it on the down low. Holding hands in restuarants, feeling him up in elevators. That sort of thing.

But it's great to be in a welcoming public space where we can be more physical. Coventions. Gay bars. And I think it's odd that you don't see more gay guys touching each other at events like that. Sure, you see some blowjobs in the dark corner of a seedy club, but just the smooching and neck-rubbing and other things straight couples do - I don't see that very much in the homosexual world.

Intimacy really ain't our problem...

Despite the fact that you still haven't found a Daddy(I'm looking for a Daddy myself), you had a great time at C.L.A.W. Thanks for sharing your experience with us.

No, I already have a Daddy - a great bear I am in a 14 year relationship with. What I want is a Master... someone to beat the shit out of me on a regular basis. And I don't think I want that person to be my Daddy. Yeah, it gets complicated!

Glad I got a chance to meet you at CLAW, even though it was just a brief introduction. With just 48 hours in Cleveland the time zips by WAY too fast. The event itself seemed better planned and executed this year than in previous years. It sounds to me like you actually had a pretty good time, even though you were looking for some things to happen that didn't? Hope to see you again in Chicago.

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