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I Am A Wild Blue Beast
Stolen from Radar magazine

"A globetrotter's guide to euphemisms for guys who are a little light in the loafers:"

He is a little bird (Yiddish)
He is a little deer (Brazilian Portuguese)
He is a flyswatter (French)
He is from the other shore (German)
He walks on the far sidewalk (Spanish)
He is a vendor of pots and pans (Portuguese)
He is a beechnut (Czech)
He is a wild blue beast (Zulu)
He is a warm-water person (Slovenian)
He makes "ding dang" sounds (Greek)
He is one of Lot's people (Arabic)
He is in the relationship of the cutting of the sleeve (Mandarin)
He is a cooking pot (Japanese)
His blood is green (Tagalog)

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here's a few more from Spanish:

-He's a lame pidgeon
-He's from the sour shell
-He loses some oil

He's got some sugar in the gas tank (English)

I'd love to see them in French, Japanese, etc. I can speak 4 or so of the languages you've listed. And I know a few folks who are Brazilian Portuguese, too.

I've heard it as "Sugar in his pocket".

I'm Chinese, and I've actually heard of the 'cut sleve' term.

The phrase is thought to have originated from an emperor who had a male lover. Once the emperor was summoned from sleep, and the emperor chose to cut his flamboyantly wide sleeve rather than wake his lover, who was sleeping on it.

I am a cooking pot from the other shore! Brilliant!

I renamed by LiveJournal blog "I am a wild blue beast". I bet I get questions on whether I'm a furry, or if I'm really into "Monster's Inc."

He's such a Ms Thing.....


Oooh, these are great! I wonder what the terms for the tomboys-gone-wrong around the worlds are...

Also from Brazil, then. She's a big shoe.

Well, I definitely align with:

He is a warm-water person

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