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Off To A Good Start There, Boy
Oh fuck. i realize that my last post could be interpreted as rude. i don't want to offend the friend the post was about. Sir, i would like to be able to fetch You a drink with ice someday.

i didn't mean to make it sound like You were clueless, or You didn't know i wanted to serve You. We had talked about that before the party, so You knew what was in my heart. And You were gracious enough to give me one task to do, and i thank You for it. i just wanted to express that i like You and had tried to come up with some ways that i could have served You more, that's all. i had a good time Tuesday night, and i think You had a good time, so no regrets here.

On the other hand... (see? i can't shut up even when i should stop) i have bad habit of being passive/aggressive as a slave. Yesterday, did i insult the Master, only to frantically backtrack today? It could be a pattern i've done in the past. Being annoying is one way of getting more, more, more - but it's not healthy. i'll have to think about this.

(Above artwork by me. You an see more of my drawings at http://www.patrickkellogg.com/art)

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What you are doing now is finding out what your needs and wants are as a slave, there is nothing wrong with that. Your intetions of wanting to serve and gratefull to serve was there, but your recognizing that there is more to it that you need.


Take some deep breaths to get past the frantic panic, my friend. Only your Master can verify whether he feels insulted or not. He's the one you need to ask-- if you have a question to ask of him, I think it is wise of you to simply ask him. Then you'll know. Then, if apologies are in order, you can apologize.

I am a bit confused... I have been reading your posts and thought that you didnt HAVE a master at this time so how are you insulting him.

i had a Master for 4 weeks in March, and then he called it off. So, now i'm looking again! This friend of mine is *a* Master, but not *my* Master. i think we're feeling out what kind of relationship we could have: fuckbuddies, occasional slavery, dungeon bottom, pup, or something else. i'm voting for "something else" {grin}

Your drawings have something interesting about them that I can't quite place.

Baby... breathe! In, out. Repeating is necessary.

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