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I'm an Idiot - Part 3
So, I'm talking to this guy online, and he tells me that he's into sounds.

I start negotiating right away: I ask if what his prior experience was, if he liked being tied up, or if he was a top or a bottom. I was treated with silence from the other end of the IM.

It turns out that the guy was trying to tell me he was into *sound* sounds... you know, MUSIC. He liked listening to nature and the music of the things around him. Luckily, he had no idea what I was talking about... {grin}

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Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.

OK, maybe not the best analogy here, but you get the idea.

[grin] Yeah, I'm into sonic sounds too. Not so much with the putting pointy things in my peen. ;-)

The one time I did it (well, had it done)?

I fell asleep.

[evil grin] Then it probably wasn't done right.

Used properly, sounds aren't painful, but they can be VERY pleasurably intense.

The problem is finding someone experienced to learn from. That, and having to make up sterile play packets without an autoclave.

uhuh, sounds, the penile type, are incredibly pleasurable. though i have found that the day after when i piss there is an intense feeling right where the head of the cock and shaft connect... not so painful i've not gone back to sounding again... kinda self-taught, though i have been talked through how to do it. not met anyone who actually does it as well.

and yeah I like sonic sounds too, you can like both of them as it turns out...

Actually, I think it *was* done properly. I was too nervous at first, and once he was able to get it in, it felt great -- amazingly relaxing. That's why I fell asleep.

If it was a leather/SM type system, or there was leather/SM info in his profile ... he's the idiot, not you.

And if none of the above are the case ... you're not an idiot, you're just enthusiastic.

Didn't you know that French 17 is the name of a group?

Closest I can come to that is Woofer's girlfriend. She loved the sound of his t-shirt ripping. When she found out that Woof and I made a Club Mud video that involved me ripping his shirt, she wanted it.

I gave her a copy, but later I got some negative feedback from Woof: "She runs the TV at high volume whenever it gets to that scene. I wonder what the neighbors are thinking?"

Have you seen the vibrating ones?
If this isn't too weird, remind me to show you my home-made sounds and Prince's Wand next time you're over.
I'm artsy-crafty, yo.

Oops, germane beat me to it.

LOL. Lost in Translation. ;)

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