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Denver In Dallas
Work might be sending me to Dallas for the entire month of June.

If you want to be my boyfriend for a month, I'd certainly appreciate it.

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Whooo Hoooo! Let me know when you get here! I'd love to meet ya!

Ooh, the trouble you two could get into! ;-) Yay!

I promise never to release the pictures. :-)

i think i know of a Dom down there, but have to check it out.....interested?

Not sure about the boyfriend part but it would be great to have a few pints with you. Look me up when you're here!

Hmm.. got the BF.. but would definitely like to meet this interesting sounding cub/bear/sub.

Drop me a line if yer interested.

(Deleted comment)
*innocently asks lthrfan if they ever figured out where all those mangled bodies found under his apartment came from*

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