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The Things I Do For A Paycheck
Gas Mask
Well, my company changed it's mind (if it even had one in the first place). So, it looks like i won't be living in Texas for the month of June. Sorry about that. Dammit... and I really wanted to meet mrh745i, stickyboy, dfwruffplay, and (especially) lthrfan.

Instead, I'll be working in San Jose for a month, from Memorial Day until the 4th of July. I dunno... are there any gay people in Northern California? Do you think I can meet any?

Dallas and San Jose have identical climates.

The Sacramento Rodeo is July 25-27, and the Bay Area Rodeo is Aug 15-17. So dangit, you'll miss those.
Tell you what. Just make sure your having a cigar every Friday night at the Lonestar over in the "Cohiba Heights" corner. We'll find ya. [g]

I might fly back for those rodeos! But I'll definitely be at the Lone Star with a cigar. Though it might be hidden someplace *special*.

(Deleted comment)
Hey brother! I'm currently scheduled to be the wrong state on June 20, but I'm trying to get back in time. I think it would be great to set up tents in a little sub-campground area.

Man, if we don't meet while yer here, I will be pissed. And not in the good way. [grin]

But, the whole area here is fun. Lots of hot and nasty guys in SJ too.

AND if you take the 280, it is WAY fast to San Francisco. 101 sucks donkey balls. We've done the trip in less than an hour.