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The Things I Do For A Paycheck
Gas Mask
Well, my company changed it's mind (if it even had one in the first place). So, it looks like i won't be living in Texas for the month of June. Sorry about that. Dammit... and I really wanted to meet mrh745i, stickyboy, dfwruffplay, and (especially) lthrfan.

Instead, I'll be working in San Jose for a month, from Memorial Day until the 4th of July. I dunno... are there any gay people in Northern California? Do you think I can meet any?

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I'm in Northern Califor...oh. You mean the Bay Area.

And here I was getting excited.

Back to your question, yes, there are gay people in Northern California. There are even gay people in the Bay Area, six hours south of me. :-P

I'm sorry... is there anything else in California except for "The City"? {grin}

Edited at 2008-05-08 04:09 pm (UTC)

Yeah. Los Angeles. :-P

A country boy can survive! (Bocephus has a line about rural Northern California.)

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