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I'm So Happy For You
Black eye
My 14 year relationship ends the same month that the California supreme court overturns the ban on gay marriage. What timing.

Good luck to the couples still together out there in California. I hope you get federal benefits sometime soon as well. Like they've had in Canada for over a year.

But it's a start...

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Ah ... you guys have made the decision huh? I never know what to say when this happens but I know you've been having a rough time. I hope this is the beginning of something REALLY good for you!


I don't know if really good things are coming my way, but I've been getting laid a lot more. Just about every day this week...

Well, that doesn't exactly sound "bad"! ;o{)

Um... sorry. Been busy with some... um, *esoteric* activities. I didn't mean to forget you.

Going for the record there are we babe? Now if it was 2 times a day for 7 days that would be HOT


I know this wasn't an easy decision for you, but for what it's worth I think it's the right decision for you at this point in your life.

So has it been good sex, or the kind I like?

Let's do something non-gay this weekend.

I'm out this weekend to Virginia. I will only be in Denver for four days after that, and then I am in San Jose until the 4th of July. Let me get those DVDs and book back you you. Yeah, drinking sounds wonderful! Tuesday? Thursday?

Hey! I know you're only in Denver a bit this month, but want to do coffee or drinks at the W? Lemme know!


When gay marriage was passed in Spain, my bf quit me as well. But men come and go :)

(Deleted comment)
So hang on, now you're free to marry someone else. Sounds like perfect timing to me.

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