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IML 2008
I will be at IML from Friday, May 23, until Monday, May 26. I'd love to meet any LiveJournal people that are going. I should be easy to spot... I'll be wearing dirty workclothes, similar to the stuff like this I wore at MAL last year:

I don't know why I don't like to wear leather to a leather event. I feel like I am expected to put on some uniform that doesn't represent who I am. Sure I own chaps and a vest, and I love the way leather smells and how it feels (particularly like a sleepsack... mmm...) But I'd rather be noticed at first sight (and smell) as a little different. I've found it creates some fun conversations with creative kinky people.

My cell phone is 303-594-9220... and I have no plans for the entire weekend, except maybe the puppy pile on Friday night. Give me a call or text if you want want to get together. And if You are a kinky Master who wants some service, feel free to call right away!

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Woof!!! HOT photo of you:-) I wish I was going to IML this year.

I don't think you have to dress any specific way. If this is an accurate representation of who you are or gives accurate signals about what you're looking for, then go for it!

hey my cell is working again.

come by and wish me luck, be nice to see you

btw, leather/kink whatever.....all that does not matter, its what is the heart ;-)


I like to wear tennis sneakers and a pink polo shirt with plaid shorts and go cruise the leather mart.

what is the "puppy pile"?

Perhaps we should organize a specific LJ event

There are a lot fo people who are going to be in CHicago this weekend I would like to meet from here

Ooh, kinky! I bet there is a whole webpage devoted to sex with guys in plaid shorts.

I'm up for an LJ meetup. Saturday morning maybe?

You rock the polo, I'll rock the boa.

I would go for a meet-up. But I am leaving for IML in a couple of hours!

(Deleted comment)
Jim and I would be up for a meeting as well, we'd be glad to have the opportunity to welcome all of you out-of-town LJers to Chicago. When and where?

Unofficial LiveJournal IML Meet-up


Saturday, May 24, 2008
11:00 a.m. to noon

Hyatt Regency Chicago
Mezzanine – overlooking the Atrium

I get there Thursday night. Leave Mon morning. You have my number.

Like some poor lost trucker who had to perform an emergency oil change in the IML lobby!

Looking fantastic as alwasy My lad. Have fun this weekend, but Not TOO much fun. ;)
Dont forget about the Masters here in town who have a soft spot in their hearts, and a hard spot in their pants for you.

I hope I get a chance to meet you & say Hi. Have a safe trip.

I'll probably be around the bootblack competition area much of the time, look for me as you go by...

Damn it, I wish I was going this year, but the photo show took up all the extra funds.

And hot is hot, leather or not.

DAMN! You need to be wearin' that yer next trip to Dallas, cub!


You actually look adorable and sexy... and not that "kinky." Have a great time and do everything I would do and more.

You know what?

I find what you're wearing much, MUCH sexier and hotter than some of the leather attire. It's not so much leather 'drag', as what a dirty working man would be wearing - and that's the sort of man I would do naughty things to / for. :-)

P.S - Any updates on your possible trip to Australia yet? :-)


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