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Unofficial LiveJournal IML Meet-up



Saturday, May 24, 2008

11:00 a.m. to noon



Hyatt Regency Chicago

Mezzanine – overlooking the Atrium

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Good luck, have fun and take pictures!! WOOF!!
(BTW, i got the stickers at Office Max! Don't forget the Sharpies!)

Thanks! Yes, that was a good tip. Went to Office Max over lunch. The reminder for sharpies was useful. And I also bought a bunch of non-permanent easily washable markers just in case I want to... you know... strip somebody naked, tie them up, and write things all over them.

Wellllll....what fun is it if you can wash it off that easily??? More fun if it has to wear off! (ain't i a stinker??) LOL! Have fun, wish i could be there.

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