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Happy Valentine's Day

Me kissing Michael Kessler.

I met this guy almost 13 years ago. We met in a friend’s dungeon during a “play party”. I was tied to a leather bench and blindfolded. So, the joke is that he met me a half hour before I met him!

I played hard to get – I didn’t go home with him that night. But I did the following weekend, and the one after that. Six months later, I lost my apartment in Boulder and moved into his house. Over twelve years later, we’ve renovated a house together, built a business, babysat nieces and nephews, taken classes together, changed jobs, and traveled to Italy/Spain/Mexico/England/France/Japan and all over the US. I love the big bear, and it’s my deepest desire to marry him legally someday.

The picture above was taken in a photo booth to be used as our Christmas card in 2004. Two weeks after the photo, I came down with viral meningitis and almost died. Michael drove from Denver to Colorado Springs every night, a two hour drive in winter snow. I was in a plastic bubble, quarantined because nobody knew what I had. One doctor said I had hantavirus, and the other said it was AIDS. One nurse refused to take my blood since I was gay. Michael sat outside of my hospital room with my mother – the first time the two ever met.

For that and all that Michael has done, I love you very much. I have no idea how or why you put up with me. Happy Valentine’s day.

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You guys are cute together!

What a beautiful post.

(Deleted comment)
*tears* ... thanks for posting such a loving testament to your honey ... It gives hope to all of us who wish to have that kind of commitment in our lives once again. Happy Valentines Day indeed!

That was very touching, cub.

I see you've friended me and that we have a couple mutual friends. Might we have met and I don't remember?

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