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Black eye

One more post before I'm locked away...

So, two hours before I get on an airplane to work in San Jose for a month, my boss called on the phone to tell me I'm laid off. The news wasn't surprising - the project has been badly funded for the last year. And last week my boss said cryptically that several employees should come into work this morning before flying out. Still, it was one of the humiliating experiences of my career.

I am still going to San Jose, though possibly for only 3 weeks, not 5. Lockheed Martin will pay my salary possibly through August 1, and all benefits transfer if I find a job with another business unit as a coder. So, while I am San Jose, I will go house hunting and check out the job market.

In the last month, I have lost my 14 year relationship, my house, and my job. I think I need to go crawl in a cage for a while and think.

Gosh, honey.


A 14 year relationship, a house and a job in one month.

I pray that this is like the phoenix who ignites itself, purging itself completely of its old life, before rising high into a new and better one. Sometimes we need to be stripped bare so that we can start anew.

You are a good man and I know you will rise like that phoenix.

In the meantime, you are in my thoughts and prayers.



I can relate to the "midlife crisis" aspect of this all. I went through some of this 4 years ago at 38 when I left my ex. From someone who has undertaken a bit of this journey, there is a brighter future out there. Just try to keep your head above water in near term.

a lot of changes fast... I'm sure you'd be telling your upcoming Master about this, but just in case you entertained ideas of holding back, DON'T. If he's worth his salt as a Master he'll want to know as much as he can.


Let me know if there's anything I can do to help you out, buddy. You have my email address.


Rains = pours.

You're in my thoughts, for what it's worth.

from slave to slave, you have my best regards and excitement for your future. it sounds like this is the perfect time for a complete change of scenery for you.

enjoy the cage.

Beware of what you wish for. It may come true.

There's nothing humiliating about being laid off. It happens all the time, especially in your business.

When you get settled in SJ, give a shout - it's always good to have a good headstart on some social networking once you relocate.

I'm sure you'll find a job no problem...things will get better :)

Good meeting you this weekend. Keep your chin up. It does tend to be darkest before the dawn.

Patrick--I won't give you any crap about how it will be better. I've walked down these paths myself--and it's no walk in the park. The only thing I can say is time helped me. I never thought I'd get where I am now three years ago. I think at your core you're an incredibly strong man--and a dynamic individual who stands out from the crowd. I am proud of you for doing something for yourself--you deserve it.

Good luck man, on everything. Things will get better.

Wow! Tough, very tough, but you'll be okay. Yup.

I'll be in Denver in July and in San Jose in September. Let's spend some more time together.

Like several others have said I would look at this as an opportunity to rise from the ashes of your old life and grab hold of a new one and ride it on home.

Good luck Cub make the most of this!