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Black eye

One more post before I'm locked away...

So, two hours before I get on an airplane to work in San Jose for a month, my boss called on the phone to tell me I'm laid off. The news wasn't surprising - the project has been badly funded for the last year. And last week my boss said cryptically that several employees should come into work this morning before flying out. Still, it was one of the humiliating experiences of my career.

I am still going to San Jose, though possibly for only 3 weeks, not 5. Lockheed Martin will pay my salary possibly through August 1, and all benefits transfer if I find a job with another business unit as a coder. So, while I am San Jose, I will go house hunting and check out the job market.

In the last month, I have lost my 14 year relationship, my house, and my job. I think I need to go crawl in a cage for a while and think.

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Maybe the universe is trying to tell you it's time to shed the old suit and put on a new wardrobe?

Yes, your boss has shitty timing for doing that two hours before you were to board a plane, but you're still heading to San Jose. And your salary is still covered for a while (which essentially means a paid vacation!), and you have an opportunity to make a fresh start in a new part of the country.

I'd trade you places in a heartbeat, mister!

I know it doesn't feel good now, but, given some time, I think you'll see just how lucky this series of events has made you.


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