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I'm Free! Now What?

My software test ended two weeks early, so I was let out of my cage this weekend. I have three free days in San Francisco. Anything happening in "The City" from Friday June 13 until Monday June 16? Anybody want to get together?

I'll probably hang out at the Lone Star on Sunday for the beer bust. I'll be wearing a black baseball hat that says "ECV" and not much else. Other than that, I have no plans except to look for an affordable loft in SOMA.

I had an amazing month in San Jose... I'll blog about later when I get home.

Patrick  Kellogg
303-594-9220 cell

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I'll be wearing a black baseball hat that says "ECV" and not much else.

Mmmmmm. Nekkid Patrick In Public. Mmmmmm. :-}}}}

With your taste for dusty, rowdy, macho shit, you ought to check out the Redwood Run: http://redwoodrun.com/

Not sold out yet, and you don't need a motorcycle. Friday night, Creedence Clearwater Revisited is on stage. The RMC gang usually camps at the top terrace, to the left of the road just past the entrance. Several guys are coming up here Thursday and we're heading out in the morning.

The 15's "Boot Camp" is also this weekend, but I couldn't get an invite to that. I really wanna get into doing runs (I've never been to one before), but I think I'm going to stay in San Francisco this weekend. But I'll be dreaming about greasy longhaired bikers at night... I promise.

just on principle, will stop by for a grope. However "affordable" is inherently not available next to the words "SOMA loft". Avoid CitiApartments at all costs.

except to look for an affordable loft in SOMA


The Gimp's done been brought out. ;{)}

See ya next week...

(Deleted comment)

Re: yay for san francisco and a mudcub

Spoke highly of you. I hope you two meet. I was glad I met him.

Re: yay for san francisco and a mudcub

i had a great time meeting him even though it was shorter then i'd have liked due to work issues. But i so have a new boy crush

welcome to freedom... so when we gonna hang out again hhuhhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhhhuhuuh ... we need to give you your video backkk

I bought a new sleepsack from Mr. S... but I'm too scared to get in it! (grin)

hhrrmm we can help you with that .. as long as you bring the hood

You're alive! That's a relief.
Mr. S sleepsack, huh?

So I take it you Arent coming back to CO? Sorry to see you go.Stay in touch will you.
Lord Lyon

I'll be back next week for several months. A move to San Francisco may or may not work out, depending on selling my existing house in Denver, finding a place to live in San Francisco and a new job, and if the planets align.

Have you had the chance to meet any of you local ECV brethren? The ones I know also frequent the Lonestar. [g]

Victor Doins ....

You going to be back in town? I'm heading down on Friday the 20th. I kknwo they had some roles in mind for you.

Re: Victor Doins ....

Yup! I think my software installation here in California will end early if today's testing goes well. If I'm lucky, I can grab a plane back next week. I'll be at the Victor doins Friday afternoon to Saturday afternoon, but might have to leave at about 3 pm Saturday to get back into Denver for a thing. It will be a lot of fun!

(Deleted comment)
Oh man, I could growl and woof with ya all night! Let ya know when I live in the The City

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