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Looooking GOOOOOOD!

I'm dating myself with this post... but that's just because nobody else will date me.

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Not quite nobody, Patrick ;-). I have seen admirer after admirer of yours on LJ!

HUGS...you know that is not true

That show ran from 1974 to 1978! The only kind of dating I should be getting is *carbon* dating. And yeah... I watched the show every week and was crushed with Freddie Prinze died.

would you be mad if i tell you i have no idea what the show was???? sorry

Carbon Dating......*looks over glasses* you know better then that!!!! your finding out who you are in Leather and as a Person....once that is settled down, then you be able to find (or someone to find you) what your looking for

HUGS...btw, i tried to call you, hope you are ok

Oh, you don't know Chico and the Man at *all*? Wow, now I really feel old {grin}


Trust me, it's kind of a funny visual joke above - see, Chico was a young brash ethnic guy and "the man" was a cranky old fucker. I spend a lot of time finding appropriate photos and putting the picture together (using pbrush! old school!) If you were 38 years old like I am, you might have chuckled.

Here's some background: back in the seventies, television sets didn't have remote controls. Unless you counted making your kids get up and change the channel for you, like my dad did. But that didn't matter, because you only got four channels anyway: ABC, CBS, NBC, and PBS. That is...if you were lucky. Go 20 miles outside the city (or live near tall buildings) and you were lucky to get a single channel covered in snow, and rolling periodically with the vertical gain. Instead, you read TV Guide (in the smaller digest format stapled together!) and planned your evening. If you did it right, you had three hours of back-to-back shows to watch without the need to change the channel.

So, when a good show came on TV for the new fall season *everyone* watched it. Chico and the Man was groundbreaking in the way All in the Family was. But it was funnier, and Freddie Prinze was a good looking comedian in the mold of a young Eddie Murphy. Though judging from his talentless son Freddie Prinze Jr., you might not believe it. THe two catchphrases from the show were "Looking good!" and "It's not my job". That year, everyone said those to each other and laughed.

Freddie Sr. killed himself in 1977 and it was heartbreaking. The show ended and nothing really replaced it. Today we have the unfunny Carlos Mencia and George Lopez, but Freddie Prinze was a true original. Kind of like an Obama of the seventies.

HEY NOW....the first tv i remeber are the two dial tv...and yes i was a remote controll (MMMM brings back memories of an egg and batteries)...er i um :p

When it came out, i was 2...and my parents never talked about it, so i never knew about it....hell i didn't even know about Maude until about 5years ago when a biography of Bea Arthur was playing. (my parents are religious freaks...wouldnt even let us watch simpsons or one day at a time..etc)

wonder if it is on youtube..i know a lot fo showes are being uploaded lately

Was the TV color or black and white? {grin}

I have this horrible feeling that the next generation will look at you and me and ask, "What do you mean your TV wasn't three-dimensional?"


hell, i laughed so hard att he movie "in and out" when the model did not know how to use a rotery phone!!!!!!

I grew up in LA, where all you had to do was stick an antenna on the roof and you got the big three stations, plus 5 local stations that ran old movies and reruns. Imagine my surprise when I visited my aunt and uncle in the Central Valley [of CA], they had some weird box on top of the tv - it turned the roof top antenna to get the various stations.

Dating yourself! OINK!

I've got underwear older than you! ;)

And I love you for that!

Dateing yourself...

Well its safe. At least you know where YOU have been. ;)
Missing you Boy. *hugs* looking forward to our next meeting. Call me if you need a friendly voice.
Lord Lyon

OMG-is that a chico and the man reference, hehehehe

Dude, I watched that when it was first run. I AM Methuselah....

"I watched that when it was first run.."

As did I.. right after changing to that channel with a set of needle-nosed pliers, because the channel knob had broken off our crappy Zenith televison.

Re: "I watched that when it was first run.."

With tinfoil on the antennae...

'with tinfoil on the antennae.."

OMG yes !!

(hey did that really work for you & your family's TV, btw? or was that just wishful thinking? I cannot remember..)

True story. I was in elementary school when Freddie Prinze died. Our elementary school had a janitor named Eddie who looked kind of like Freddie Prinze. He fell in love with the second grade teacher, who was already engaged to be married to another man. He was found dead after he hung himself in the boys’ bathroom. One of the other students found him.

Wow! Sad story. And very spooky. (Note to all young'uns out there: "the man" was a character named Eddie and Freddie Prinze killed himself over a bad love affair... for a little extra synchronicity)

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