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My Guitar Zero Axe

Denver's gay pride celebration is this weekend. My Guitar Hero controller just died... and that's ok since I got the new Les Paul wireless with Guitar Hero 2. So, I decided to turn my broken controller into a giant squirt gun.

I feel just like Prince!

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;-) lick

you seem to be a lot more happy...congrats :-)

You would be moist if I shot you with the Super Soaker.

Shoot all over me next!

Interpret that how you will!

(HOT pics BTW!)

I love the look on your face. Make me wonder what your face looks like when you are taking a big dick up your slave hole. ;-)

Before Guitar Hero, Rob Loonhouse made his own Guitar Hero back in 1978 in London.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AjqrwKsyibY (check it out, from 2:30 to 4:20)
Those guys were ahead of their time.

This could win a award on creative wet ideas...

I feel like a schoolgirl or a Dirty Old Man, because i just want to *squee* and scream 'Squirt on me! Squirt on me!'... :-}}}}

Mmmhmm. So is that *water* in your squirt gun, or. . . . ?

You need to come find me with this thing...omg.

I think you can handle the "Expert" level!

scary scary man ... and where are the boots.. you gotta have boots...

so we will see you this weekend

(Deleted comment)
Remember what I was saying we should do to Kerry King...? We should do that to Patrick too...

Just sayin.

hmmm... I thought the rule book said you had to play it naked. I'm sure of it. Go back and re-take the pics properly please.

Here's an idea: figure out a way to control a TENS unit with a Guitar Hero controller so you can get fucked by the music.

LOL, love the Prince reference.

That is a GREAT picture of you!!!

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