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Thanks to everyone who voted in my LiveJournal poll yesterday. Almost a hundred people had an opinion, and for that I really thank you. I'd love to hear from some of you why you voted the way you did... we'll have to have dinner or drinks sometime soon.

The results are pretty much split in thirds:

33 Denver (either in existing house or new condo)
35 Munich
28 San Francisco or a dungeon somewhere
96 Total

I love statistics, so here is some analysis:

Number of respondents from Denver = 6
Number that want me to stay in Denver = 4

This was nice to see. Nice to know I haven't worn out my welcome in this town, and that some friends want me to stay!

Number of respondants from San Francisco = 17
Number that want me to move to San Francisco = 9

I wanted to see the breakdown on this one, because people seem to either really love or really hate living in San Francisco. I've heard many stories about newcomers buying a house, only to sell it a year later and flee screaming from the bay area. I'm not sure what kind of newbie I'd be. About half of the people in SF recommend SF. You assume since they still live there, they like it. I'd like to hear more form people who moved there and then left.

I think I'm mostly shocked by how many people want me to stay in Denver. Could you tell me why? I mean, I've expressed unhappiness at my current living situation... I was wondering if the fact I have family here was the deciding factor. Or whether you think I need to slow down and regroup in a familiar safe place.


What I'm going to do is stay in Denver for a few months. I'm putting my house on the market, and fixing it up. Packing up unneeded collections (magazines, DVDs, books, uniforms) and making the house look beautiful. If the house sells right away for a high price, that changes my options. If it languishes, that is a deciding factor as well.

At the same time, I'm going to stay at my current job and apply to get a higher security clearance. That will help me in the future no matter what happens. It's necessary for the Munich job, so Lockheed Martin will keep paying me all summer. I will consider my options in the fall.

So, there are several go/no-go dates:

July 1, 2008 = Find out if Lockheed Martin got the Munich contract. If not, that takes that job off the table
August 1, 2008 = Ex-partner fully moved out. My collections stored in boxes and house ready to show
September 1, 2008 = Munich job possible start date 

Scenario 1 = House doesn't sell, I get the Munich job
Option A = Keep house on market, go to Munich, let family sell house
Option B = Stay in house, find work in Denver

Scenario 2 = House sells, I get the Munich job
Option A = Sell car, and lots of other stuff. Move to Munich
Option B = Don't take the Munich job... move to condo in Denver
Option C = Don't take the Munich job... move to San Francisco
Option D = Dont take the Munich job... move elsewhere

Scenario 3 = House doesn't sell, I don't get the Munich job
Option A = Stay in current house, look for work in Denver
Option B = Move to SF. Close up house, try to sell again when market improves

Scenario 4 = House sells, I don't get the Munich job
Option A = Move to San Francisco
Option B = Move to smaller condo in Denver
Option C = Move somewhere else 

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