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4th of July
Here are my plans for this weekend:

Thursday, July 3
          Fly from Denver, Colorado to Sacramento, California
          Change ticket at airport so I can stay an extra day 

Friday, July 4
Saturday, July 5
          "Grunge Guys Gathering" (http://www.grungeguys.com)

Sunday, July 6
          Drive into San Francisco, hit the Lone Star beer bust

Monday, July 7
          (Morning) Check out a condo in SOMA
          (Afternoon) Job interview in San Jose

Tuesday, July 8
          Drive back to Sacramento, California and fly back to Denver, Colorado

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Will do my damndest to make beerbust at LS; must have more than .00005 second smoochies.

Since I missed you, here's a virtual kiss: *smooch*

(Deleted comment)
Missed you at the Lone Star. It was fun... there was a "Bay Area Cub" contest. Hope you had a good weekend, and take care!

(Deleted comment)

Re: Does that mean...

No, I'm working on getting a higher security clearance for that job. I'll know more in August, to move to Germany in October if it happens. San Jose is a fallback... it's alwasy good to have a second choice.

(Deleted comment)
Do you do the Sunday beer bust at the Lone Star? It's the 'Bay Area Cub' contest on the 6th.

(Deleted comment)
I just wanted to see your new place. Oh well, I'll be back in August hopefully. Next time!

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