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Dirty Boy

Having a great time at the annual Grunge Guys Gathering. The first one I've ever attended, though I've followed their webpages for over 10 years. Now that I'm single, I was able to go for the first time.

Basically, it involves getting dirty for a whole weekend. Nice guys behaving like pigs. There's a mud pit, a ditch with running water, a horse trough, a grease/oil shed, and lots of other places to play. I've done things this weekend that I've fantasized about all my life. I think the most surprising part for me was to discover how natural this all feels. The guys are all friendly, and I made quite a few new contacts I'll look up again.

Certainly not a kind of play for everyone. I really need a long hot shower!

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Of course my father's old expression "happy as a pig in shit" starts to take on new meaning .... ;-) Glad you're having fun.

No shit! No.. literally no shit. That's outlawed here. Though lots of other things go on.

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