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Look Into My Eyes, Not Around My Eyes, Look Into My Eyes
Gas Mask

My life continues to be strange. Yesterday I met a Top on recon.com and was hypnotized by him in an erotic scene.

I've always wanted to be hypnotized. To tell you the truth, I wasn't really sure if it was possible. I've been talking to this guy for a few years, and he is a nice guy (and a really hot looking bear). Sunday I found some free time and went over to his house.

It was a little spooky, because he wanted me to get in my car and start driving without telling me his address beforehand. He would tell me where to turn, when to stop, until I arrived at his house. Note: I'm not stupid - I had his full name, phone, and email written down my home just in case I "disappeared". The hypno Master has a very nice house on the west side of Denver. We sat around and talked for a while about expectations and limits and general thoughts. And then we started...

What is it like to be hypnotized? Well, imagine that you are a slave, and you have a Master who makes you stand in the corner for 15 minutes. Don't ask why you have to do this... Masters often have their own reasons for ordering you to do something. Let's just say it's not supposed to be a punishment scene. Imagine that you had just come home from work when the Master tells you "assume the position". It will be a really hard thing to do - your mind will be racing from a hard day of work, and you'll be thinking about all the things you'd rather be doing (checking your email, preparing dinner, siting down watching TV), instead of standing in a corner doing nothing.

Now imagine a second scenario: the Master lets you come home and do things first. Relax. Eat dinner. Check the internet. Then at night when there is nothing else to do, the Master lays you down on a comfortable sofa and soothes you. A bit of massage, some relaxation techniques, meditation, and/or visualization exercises. He puts you in a really nice submissive state - what some slaves call "subspace". Just a really fun floaty feeling of being cared for, and in the mood to want to please the Master.

In this second scenario, I bet you could be ordered to stand in the corner for 15 minutes and not mind a bit. In fact, I bet you might like it... maybe like it a *lot* if you are naturally a submissive person and you like being a slave. Just doing something non-strenuous, knowing that it was making the Master happy. Hypnosis was a lot like this. But it went a lot farther...

Finally, imagine that you get hypnotized first. The usual thing, "You are getting sleeepy. Going deeeeeper and deeeeper." You've seen it on TV. But it kind of works. You get into that deep "subspace" again and then are put into the corner. But this time, the Master tells you he will return after 15 minutes, but instead comes back after an *hour*. But to you it felt like 15 minutes. Worse, imagine that while you were standing the corner with your eyes closed, the Master came up behind you and put a book on your head. You stood there balancing, not moving for a half hour, and you didn't even notice you were being fucked with. You don't feel or remember the book at all. I'm making up that example, but hypnosis felt a lot like that.

I can only remember about 30 to 50 minutes of the session. I laid on the floor four separate times while the hypno Master led me through some relaxation steps. Each time, I felt like I was getting better and better at it - I could close my eyes and feel my body sink instantly by the final time. But I never felt like I was being hypnotized - I was conscious the whole time. I answered some questions, and did some stuff. I won't go into details on all the stuff I did (you can use your imagination), but it was all stuff I would have wanted to do *anyway* as a slave. So, at the end of the training, I felt like I had failed at "going under".

Imagine, then, my surprise to find out that 5 hours had passed. The hypno Master and I talked a bit at the end of the scene, and I found that I remembered only part of the stuff we did. There were huge segments that I can't recall. The Master described standing me up and walking me around his house. Or using me as a footstool while I massaged his feet. I am pretty sure he's not making those things up - he was genuinely surprised I had no idea what he was talking about. I can't explain the missing three hours of my life. It was like being in mummification, if that makes any sense.

I want to try this again with the guy. I've heard that over time the hypnosis can go deeper and get stronger. It was a really wonderful relaxing feeling to be hypnotized. I slept really good that night. The sensation might be very familiar to you if you've studied yoga or mediation or long-distance running or heavy pain play. It's a huge rush that really takes you out of your own brain for a while. You can imagine why that would be appealing to me.

The Master and I talked a lot about ethics and boundaries, so I feel comfortable giving up control to him again... more and more. He and I want to do something a little unsafe, insane, and non-consensual: give me an Ambien and keep me up all night. I've heard it can make a slave *very* pliable and suggestive. Don't try that at home. But if you have any interest in erotic gay hypnosis, I highly recommend you try it at least one time in your life. You may want to do it again and again.

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A hypnotist I've played with knows some of the recon guys -- and there's one that he said definitely stay away from. Would you mind emailing me the profile of the guy you played with? (I can't remember the guy's name but I'll recognize it if it's the same one... sounds like it *wouldn't* be the same one, though.)

Yeah, the hypnosis community fights among themselves a lot. There's a lot of debate if hypnosis is real (or just real like pro wrestling is real). They fight about ethics, and about which hypno Masters are doing things the "right way". There are equal parts power trip, role-playing, power exachange, and genuine human interaction. Drama drama drama.

I'll get you the guy's name when I get home from work. Who are you on recon? I'm "mudcub"... naturally!

I'm slave eric (I think... it might also be slaveeric or slave_eric, I never can remember.)

Wow! That IS kinda hot.

You are falling under my controoooool...

(Deleted comment)
Then it might be fun for you to try sometime. Think your suspicion would get in the way? Or think that you could overcome your nervousness and relax? Would it help if you met the guy first (maybe got to know him as a friend), or if you met other guys who have been hypnotized by him?

(Deleted comment)
Yes, there is risk any time you hook up with strangers. After I'll... I've seen "Cruising"!

Given everything going on with you, and the mental "clutter" you talked about, maybe this isn't a bad thing. Not so sure about the Ambien/sleep-deprivation combo, but go you!

Sounds hot to me-not something I'd be into, but sexy nonetheless :)

I could hypnotize you into *thinking* you were into it! {grin}

*g*, yeah, but believe it or not, my whole thing isn't submission-although, there are some people that naturally I am submissive around and very willing to relinquish control to-and that turns me on-I'm more of an informed consent type guy :)

Okay, I gotta put my 2¢ in this time.

If you did something HOT, but you don't REMEMBER doing it,

and you have to be TOLD you did it.

Being robbed of the memory of my HOT encounter would either
A. Make me wonder if it really happened. (not hot)
B. Be pissed that I no longer had memory of doing something hot (not hot)

I've done some very fun submissive scenes, but this just sounds un-fun.

I know! Weird, huh? The Master I played with yesterday used to have a good boy really into hypnosis that he lived with... an ex-marine. As an experiment, He hypnotized his boy for a whole weekend. He made the boy do a whole bunch of things... but mostly made the boy stand in the corner when the Master ran out of things to make the slave do. On Monday, the boy had no memory of the entire weekend.

My question was - what does the boy get out of it? I haven't figured that out. The boy said he was real rested on Monday. And the Top had a good time, so the boy was pleased he made the Master happy.

But a whole "lost weekend"? I too fail to see the point. But it's kind of freaky and interesting to think about!

i'm fascinated by hypnotism in D/s play. i've never experienced it for real, but did have a wonderful online experience with a hypnotist. It involved role-playing and pretend hypnosis but was still rather kinky and hot. i also don't think i'd care for not remembering the kinky things i did, although being relaxed is always a plus. i'd rather have the feeling of having no choice but to do something against my will, but being well aware of it. :)

I think you'd really like it. It allowed me to get into a really deep slave headspace (eyes closed licking the Master's feet shamelessly, etc.) I don't know if the hypnosis MADE me feel that way, or just gave me permission to *wallow* in service. Having a Master who was willingly to let Himself be served so deeply and ridiculously helped, too.

Role-playing is cool. I think there is a lot of play-acting involved at the start. For example, if someones says, "You are sinking into the bed," well of course you're NOT actually sinking into a bed. But if you have the kind of mindset where you think, "I'll go with this... ok I'm sinking," then I think the whole thing works better. And if you follow the next instruction with the same WTF attitude, and the next and the next, then you can go into some fun mental places.

The hypno Master said his slave actually remembered the Lost Weekend, but it was in a weird dream-like state where he wasn't sure what was real or not. I think it's kind of like having friends tell you what you did while drunk the night before: there is a faint recollection at dancing on a table with your shirt off, but you can't remember details. And there's the possibility your friends are making the whole thing up. The slave really liked that kind of mental tension - wondering how big of a slut he had just been, but not recalling anything but a good feeling vague about it.

I'd still love to meet you sometime in person. I bet we would have a lot in common!

Edited at 2008-07-15 02:35 pm (UTC)

I admit, the hypnotism stuff sounds interesting... but like you, I have a very strong disbelief that I could be.

My mind races a dozen ways at any given moment, so I just can't believe I could quiet it all down.

But finding the right person is the hardest part. I'm glad you did. :) Sounds very interesting.

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