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No seriously... fuck UHaul. Hard.
5 pm. It took UHaul three hours to find a tow truck to bring us 20 miles to the nearest UHaul center in Columbia, Missouri. We waited in 110 degree heat, standing away from the truck just in case anybody plowed into the back of it.

Bob the truck driver was hot (pictures forthcoming), and talked non-stop about the hot college girls he often towed. Columbia is a big college town. And that was our problem.

This is a few weeks before school starts, so *all* the UHaul trucks were booked. They wanted to give us a 26 foot (!) truck to replace our 10 foot. No fucking way, I said... not with the price of gas and driveability.

UHaul played hardball, giving us no options besides staying overnight in Columbia. I threatened to chargeback to Visa until they promised me a full refund.

We walked to a Penske rental shop next door, but they were out of cars. But Penske they dropped us off at a Budget rental across town. There, our new friend Mohammed, who had ACLU advertisements over his copy of the Qu'uran, rented me a 15 foot for half the price of UHaul.

Fuck UHaul. They promised me a full refund, and now they are backtracking. I'll have to call Visa and chargeback the rest. I'd warn anybody to avoid them. Their phone customer service was extremely painful and rude. The asshole at the office did nothing, claiming his regional manager had to approve everyting. And the manager said I had to go to the local office.


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Yeah, my experience too as I said in the previous post. Glad you got yourself taken care of though.

Like the icon chosen on this post however. :-)

you were lucky. Many times the UHaul trucks are so poorly maintained that their failures are less benign e.g. bad brakes, worn steering, transmissions so out of whack that you're lucky to get 3 MPG. That said, we thought you went there becuz you ENJOY torture.....

It's really sad to think that Patrick and David were *lucky* with what they've gone through.

Patrick & David - I'm so glad you're rid of the shitty truck, and (hopefully) any other dealings with U-Haul. Wishing you guys an uneventful trip from here on out.

I cursed this move, didn't I, with my U-Haul comment the other day? Mea culpa.

But we love Mohammed, I must say. And look forward to the bear pics.

My UHaul's water pump blew up in Birmingham, Alabama 175 miles short of my destination.
Unload old UHaul.
Load new UHaul.
Last time I ever used them.

oooh...yeahhhh...Uhaul Bad...very very bad

Last time I used a Uhaul, I arrived at the place where I had reserved my truck (transaction done on the phone) only to find the business closed down.

I hate them. Seriously. I will do almost anything to avoid using UHaul. They are the Jiffy Lube of truck rentals. Get the customer out the door and don't take responsibility for anything.

...our new friend Mohammed, who had ACLU advertisements over his copy of the Qu'uran, rented me a 15 foot for half the price of UHaul...

Yeah, but did you notice the box of explosives under the frame of the truck?


I would never ever use UHAUL after the stories from folks like you. It's like Russian Roulette with a large moving object.

Ugh! I agree. U-Haul sucks ass. I have had lots of issues with them. One time their ramp was bent and you couldn't pull it out all the way, so I called them and they wanted to charge me for the damage because we didn't notice it on the lot. I mean who checks the ramp? We were looking for dents on the truck and obvious scratches. It almost went to court. They really are a shitty company!

(Deleted comment)
Sounds just like the run around we had with UHaul. NEVER AGAIN. They were awful to deal with. The damaged Scott's car when he was moving up here. We fought for months to get them to do anything about it.

Uhaul is evil bastards from Hades - I won't ever use them again! NEVER!

I used Uhaul earlier this year when we purchased a new big screen TV (we both drive Camry's, so that wasn't going to work).

I ended up spending almost $75 for an overnight rental of a regular van.

I suspect I would've been better off renting a minivan or something through a regular car rental place.

What really pissed me off was when I found out that Uhaul had placed a $200 HOLD on my credit card the day AFTER I returned the card. Why you ask? Because apparently, it is standard procedure to do so.

When I pointed out that the charge happened AFTER I returned the vehicle I was told that "the computer charged the account, not me" and when I pointed out that the computer probably KNEW it had the car back (as I'd been charged BEFORE that one for the actual rental), the person on the phone asked me rather rudely if I had any REAL questions. :P

So yeah, fuck Uhaul.

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