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Georgia On My Ass

3 PM Sunday. Made it into Atlanta in our new Budget truck. More comfortable ride, much better gas mileage, quieter truck.

Just a little further to go to Athens. The last hundred miles are the hardest, aren't they? Except for the middle hundred when we were broken down in Missouri.

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Glad to read you made the home stretch safely.

You're a good friend.

Hug each other for me. :)

Columbia is a fun town, I went to college there. It's unfortunate you found yourself there under such unfortunate circumstances. 40 miles west of there and you'd have been where I live and also could have found yourself in a series of unfortunate circumstances ;)

Glad you are having a better ride now, but then again, a bicycle would be a better ride than what you had.

You passed not far from my quaint little city. If you are on your way to Athens, don't blink your eyes or you will miss Between. Yes, there is a town named that, and it is between Atlanta and Athens on the Atlanta Highway.

If you spend any time in the city, let me know if the GA Bar (we pronounced it "Gay Bar") is still in business. I staggered out of there many times when I was a student at UGA. Don't get excited; it's not THAT kind of bar, and neither was the Flamingo, a desert bar. With names like that, they had potential. *grin*

take time for yourself and try to rest at some point

Of course I am in FL or I'd have rolled out the welcome wagon.

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