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Another Year Older and Deeper In Debt

I had a great birthday. About 10 nice and kinky people showed up, including gomeza, qingting (wonderful to see you guys... please let's do dinner soon), paksen, asweetbri, and various Denver leathermen who aren't on LiveJournal.

Here is a photo of me eating a "piggy split": 7 scoops of ice cream, 5 toppings, and every other extra. I apologize to gomeza for the awful photo of you... what the hell were you doing with your phone at that moment?


The most meaningful gift I got for my birthday was this photo from David Verdun (annoyinghandle) called "The Man Who Got Away". So David... am I the man who got away? Or are you? Or is it metaphorical?


I bought myself a gift: a leather sleepsack from Mr. S Leathers. Leather lined inside and out, with assorted snaps, zippers, and belts. I tried to get into it by myself, and it is really *tight*. Either it will stretch, or I will get used to it I guess!


But my favorite gift was from my three year old niece. She drew a picture of me.


This weekend will be spent at the "Thunder in the Mountains" leather and BDSM conference here in Denver. I'm flying my friend Master JW in from Virgina, and I will be his slave all weekend.
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