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Another Year Older and Deeper In Debt
I had a great birthday. About 10 nice and kinky people showed up, including gomeza, qingting (wonderful to see you guys... please let's do dinner soon), paksen, asweetbri, and various Denver leathermen who aren't on LiveJournal.

Here is a photo of me eating a "piggy split": 7 scoops of ice cream, 5 toppings, and every other extra. I apologize to gomeza for the awful photo of you... what the hell were you doing with your phone at that moment?


The most meaningful gift I got for my birthday was this photo from David Verdun (annoyinghandle) called "The Man Who Got Away". So David... am I the man who got away? Or are you? Or is it metaphorical?


I bought myself a gift: a leather sleepsack from Mr. S Leathers. Leather lined inside and out, with assorted snaps, zippers, and belts. I tried to get into it by myself, and it is really *tight*. Either it will stretch, or I will get used to it I guess!


But my favorite gift was from my three year old niece. She drew a picture of me.


This weekend will be spent at the "Thunder in the Mountains" leather and BDSM conference here in Denver. I'm flying my friend Master JW in from Virgina, and I will be his slave all weekend.

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(Deleted comment)
Aw, I was hoping I'd find *you* wrapped up in a box for my birthday...

"I'm flying my friend Master JW in from Virgina, and I will be his slave all weekend."

This wonderful line tickles me to no end. You look like you had a good bday, congrats. You also look hot =;P, just thought I'd throw that in there.

I love the drawing. You should have it framed. Cute as heck.

The sleep sack looks like A LOT of fun. I would love to see you in it, and on the floor in front of me helpless. Dang. The thought makes all the blood drain out of my brain....

has any one said how just adorable you are ;) .. esp when you smile.. you have an amazing smile :) .. but enough with the kssing you ass.. when do we get to tie you up for 38 hours :) !!

I thought it was going to be 40 hours! Do I get 2 hours off for good behavior?

no 40 will be when you are our boy on your 40th bday .. this months its 38.. and dont tease.. casue you KNOW we will do this.. and you will have no way out .. .

But I'm actually 39 now... not 38. Do I still get that extra hour?

OOOHH thats right , then yes... you .. do ..... locked in the hood...

happy birthday! the gifts are awesome...but the picture from your niece...is amazing. love it. hope all was wonderful!

(Deleted comment)
Oink! Oink! I completely forgot about the pictures I tried to take with my phone. I'll have to go check for them.

Love the leather lined sleepsack!

You are so cute in these pics:P

OMG I love love love that sleepsack! I have the one that Northbound sells up here in Toronto. It looks similar, same heavy look and style, but it is not leather lined. I bet they could leather line it for me, I imagine, I'll have to look into that.

It is my most prized leather sex toy that I never get to use, ever. The last time I was in it was in 2003! And people wonder why I'm so bitchy LOL. After 5 years of looking at it hanging on my bedroom wall, I've given up all hope of ever being able to experience the amazing feeling of being in it again.

I fantasize about spending the night in one, something like 8 hours, but the longest I've been in it was 3 hours. I just can't find anyone in Toronto who understands and would care to indulge me, so it hangs on the wall unused and I look at it, everyday and keep hoping;-)

And Oh My God that "piggy spit" looks fucking AWESOME!! I want!

But I can't have ice cream anymore, all I ever eat is Tofu:(

I'm starving to death, on many levels;-)


Edited at 2008-07-26 03:51 pm (UTC)

Your bday was July 25?


You know Gomez & Jude? I KNOW GOMEZ & JUDE! And Bri and Paksen and a whole bunch of other people I also know.

You went to Funda? I WENT TO FUNDA!

Have we met? I have a head like a sieve.

*except I see now that it was July 23. You're still a Leo though.

Edited at 2008-07-29 06:01 am (UTC)

Glad you had a happy birthday. :)

I doubt I'd ever get used to a sleepsack. I toss around too much.

Would you like some fries with that Ice Cream?




I KNOW you were a little piggy, but didn't realise it extended to food as well! I wish I had been there to share the good times (AND the Ice Cream!) with you....

HUGE *hugs*


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