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Try Again

Just got a call from work... maybe they want me in Hong Kong or Australia instead.

I have a feeling that I will end up unemployed... in Greenland.

Sounds a bit random. Is there any way you can direct this?

No... as long as I work for Lockheed Martin, I am blown about by the winds of chance. I might need to quit in order to live where I want. Or be fired.

Don't hate me, but this post made me...

Never go in against a Sicilian when death is on the line!

I'd give my eye teeth to work in Australia, plus the MEN woof!

Thanks! Um, but look at the map. I wouldn't be working in Sydney or Brisbane or a fun city.

Oh and you better get your ass to Australia, so I can come visit.

You can visit my ass any time (yeah, you know I tease... I tease...)

SOunds like when my SIR worked for IBM. Eventually they had a parting of the ways, as they say.

I've been to Greenland. For my job.

There are LOTS of hot Danish military types there...

I planned to go to Iceland last year, but it fell through.

mudcub: "Hello, who is it?"
"Hello, this is destiny calling. Is this mudcub"
mudcub: "Yes, this is mudcub from Denver."
"Are you not getting our messages?'
mudcub: "I guess not. What are you saying?"
"You are supposed to move to San Francisco and be happy."
mudcub: "are you sure? I'm not sure."
"Sigh. Yes, we wouldn't be sabotaging your other prospects if we weren't so sure. Can't you take a fucking hint?!"
mudcub: "Oh, I guess not. Are you really sure?"
"argh!!! Did you see the earthquake in L.A. today?"
mudcub: "yeah."
"The next ones is going to hit anywhere else you think you're moving that isn't San Francsisco. You have friends there that will appreciate you."

I'd come visit you in Hong Kong.
It's a wonderful place. Although my Cantonese in nonexistent, I can get by well enough in Mandarin.

I'm bouncing back and forth right now between calls from CA and VA... I can sort of relate (at least it's not international!)

Oh what fun it is to be a consultant these days.

Well, would it be the middle of the AUS outback (as represented here), or one of the coastal cities?

Follow your instincts regardless ....

Yes, it would be Alice Springs... right in the middle of the country. Not as much fun as Sydney, but I bet I could buy a plane ticket for weekend trips!

Patrick, I am sorry to hear about Germany falling though. Wow! one more possible adventure on the horizon. Hong Kong! or Alice Springs! Hey, even Greenland is an adventure. I know that there are lots of great guys in SF but, it is not really much of an adventure and in the grand scheme it is rather safe. These assignments are not permanent moves, they seem to be just extended business trips... Who says you can't just move your home base from Denver to SF and still do the World travel thing? . Just think of the things you will see and experience. IMHO, do the adventure while you are young enough to enjoy it.

Yeah, I'm getting a lot of advice that goes: Patrick, you are trying to figure out who you are, the kind of guys you want to fuck, what you want to do for a living... changing all that *and* trying to live in a country that doesn't speak English is a little much.

Not that SF isn't a foreign country as well {grin}

Come to Australia mate, Melbourne would welcome you with open arms and holes :)

However, I'd be stuck in Alice Springs {grin}

No matter *where* I end up... you can be assured that it will ROCK!