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Bloody knees

We lost our first rugby game of the season, four tries to three. But those Colorado School of Mines boys were really cute. One in particular had really crisp blue eyes… or at least I thought so right before his head went slamming into my jaw. I like rough sex, but that’s a little ridiculous. My legs are pretty scratched up and bloody from the hard frozen ground, so I guess I’ll have to stay off my knees for a while.


Next Saturday, you can see a rugby game against the Aspen men’s ruby team.


Saturday, April 3, 2007

12:00 pm

Cook Park, 7100 Cherry Creek Drive South

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So, so jealous of your aches.

I think I bruised my *hair*. Not really sure how I did it, but my hair hurts today.

The guys at the gay bar didn't like the electrical tape wrapped around my head, either. Next time I'll take it off after the match before I go drinking.

That's one of the things I liked about Bingham: everyone was bandaged in one way or another.

I busted my ankle real bad in one game.. but the farm boys I tackled!! Almost worth it.. almost. /grin

Why do I get the feeling scratching up your knees isn't going to keep you off them :-)

one of my teammates tore his ACL when he was distracted by some hot guy playing defense against him... thus ending his career. But it's a great story! :)

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