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Hello Mummy

I spent the weekend in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. But I didn't get to see much of the city. Unfortunately, I spent most of the weekend in this rubber sleepsack. Or maybe more accurately, I should say "FORTUNATELY, I spent most of the weekend in this rubber sleepsack" {grin}.


I bought the sleepsack three or four years ago because mummification and rubber both excite me in theory. However, in practice, the combination terrifies me. I tried to get into the sleepsack two years ago at a party, and I only lasted 90 seconds. Take a look at the motherfucker in the picture above. There are ONLY TWO NOSE HOLES! And.... AND! The zip is in the *back*. There are internal rubber sleeves for your arms, so there is NO fucking way a human being could get out of this without help. You would be stuck in a black rubber sweaty prison for a looooong long time.

One of the problems is that the mask is kind of loose. That means when you exhale, sometimes the nose holes don't line back up to your face. It's a terrifying to suddenly realize that *no* air is getting to you. And that it will take 10-15 seconds AT BEST to unzip the back of the hood and let you out. And that's not going to happen. During the weekend, the Master helped me a lot out making sure the hood didn't slip by pressing Her hands over my jaws and mouth. However, that brought on other creative ideas, like pinching the nose holes shut, or putting Her hands around my neck no make sure I couldn't suck any air through the sweaty body of the suit. Mmmm, delicious.

I'd like to take another ride in the rubber sleepsack - but next time with a collar on over the rubber. I'm hoping that might secure the hood a bit better. Or, for real terror, I'd be interested trying in a Bishop's head harness or a muzzle. That would amp up the fear tenfold. In the meantime, does anybody else want to come over and get in my sleepsack and try it out? I promise I won't kill you.

When I wasn't in the rubber sleepsack, I was working as a slave. Oh yeah - I really love to serve. I can't explain the satisfaction and happiness I get from making a Master happy: fetching them things, cleaning Their house, serving sexually. I feel a more than a little stupid about my desire. One day I'm a high-powered computer analyst living in a huge 6,000 square foot mansion, and the next day, I am a groveling slave who needs permission in order to go pee. And sometimes, that permission is denied. It's kind of a radical lifestyle switch. But I absolutely love it.

I have plans to serve the two Masters again next month. I hope August passes quickly.

Regarding the hood on the sleepsack being to big: Instead of trying to put something over it, try wearing another hood under it. It's scary but I have had success that way.

Make sure that your breathing holes line up...

Someone also suggested nose tubes... which is something i think i might get to try out during Dark Odyssey.

Let me preface this with the caveat that I don't care for, or even approve of, any sort of _extended_ breath-play. From my reading, I believe that breathing restriction kills brain cells. The more the restriction and the longer, the more you lose. According to the medical literature I read many years ago, it takes very little reduction in O2 to start accelerated brain cell die-off. Please don't interpret that to mean that I think ALL breath play is unsafe, or that I'm a Chicken Little about this. I smoke cigars sometimes, I drink too much, I smoke herb occasionally, so I kill plenty of brain cells myself. But since the days I bought that bag I have become very, very safety paranoid, and with good reason: there have been deaths from rubber sleep sacks - at least two that I know of for sure, the news articles pointed out on the International Association of Rubberists web site.

Now with that out of the way...

I love sleep sacks, I love bondage, I love total enclosure (preferably skin-tight), and as you well know, I love latex.

But this design (specifically the lack of adequate provision for breathing) does not look too safe to me, unless CONSTANT and CLOSE attention to the bottom is provided. I wouldn't want the top to look away from me for one second.

I used to have an "Ultima" inflatable rubber bondage bag / sleep sack. Even the head area inflated. But: in addition to two grommetted nose holes, it had a breathe-through hard rubber ball gag. That damn gag got real old after about 15 minutes, but it was damn near impossible to find yourself in a "can't breathe" situation.

I think this one _should_ scare you. I would seriously consider modifying it a little. A mouth hose would be great. Nostril tubes work for some folks and not for others- depends on your nose! A mouth hose is almost universal. And if you WANT your top to do short-term breath play while you're in there, they can just stick their thumb over the end. For me, that's instant safeword and blown boundary territory, but I try not to judge... ;)

Anyway, if you decide to modify the bag, I can help you with that if you like, since I have a fair bit of experience modifying and repairing latex garments and gear.

I will be very upset with you if you kick it during a scene. :P

Thank you! You are a good friend.

Here are some unspoken caveats: the hood was only zipped up for a little bit... most of the time it was tucked down below my neck with just a blindfold over my face and my nose and mouth unobstructed. The two Masters are fantastic and *very* experienced in BDSM and breath play and both work in the medical industry. There were safety scissors close at hand, and one Master or the other always was touching me and listening at any given time. I was afraid telling these details would make me seem less "extreme" than the cool kids.

Can Qingting and I put you in a rubber sleepsack sometime?

Hot! Fear play is awesome. Hope to get to see you in it at DO. :-)

Congratulations on your progress in the sleepsack. I have anxiety issues with being immobilized, as I am somewhat claustrophobic. I don't know that I would have lasted even one minute personally.

Thank you for sharing the experience!

Oh man... reading your reply just made me really wanna put you in my sleepsack. Just for a little while {evil grin}

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Oh, that goes doubly so for you, Bruno.

(Deleted comment)
makes my heart race a bit

i LOVE sleepsacks.. seriously .. i can be in there for hours at a time.. my friends that have placed me in them state i get into a different state .. i become extremely calm , a don’t worry about anything ... i love either rubber or leathers sleepsacks.. of course a hood HAS to be locked on , but not just any hood, something thick , heavy .. no eye or mouth hole.. yes i KNOW im a freak..

Oh, the sci-fi hood that you (and I!) own is amazing. It's such thick leather... and there is only that zipper to breathe through. Open or closed, it feels to me like there is no air coming in at all. But there is.

I agree with you... this is not really about breath play. At all times in the rubber sleepsack, I had enough air. But mentally, it was hard to realize that, since my only connection to the world was two small holes that I couldn't see.

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I think that's one of the reasons I love to play this way. It took a lot of courage to fly across the country last weekend to serve two wonderful Masters. But did I truly trust them? This scene was an excellent way to test the level of my submission. I have never felt so helpless and dependent on a Master - truly broken and in love, if only for a few hours.

Last year, it was hard to get into the sleepsack and close it up around my neck. I could wriggle around and get sweaty, but unzip it any time I wanted from the inside. I played this way by myself, with my ex-partner within yelling distance. But it still felt unsafe and scary. Then weeks later, with his assistance, I got in the sleepsack with my arms trapped in the inner sleeves of the suit. This was infinitely worse, and made "arms-free" seem extremely tame by comparion.

The next thing we tried together was my arms in the inner sleeves *and* a blindfold. Then, we added a gag. This made me wonder what my fuss was about earlier when I could still see and hear. Then lately I've been playing with the attached hood. Soon, we might play with adding external belts or suspension or find a swimming pool. You get the idea... I've been ratcheting up the difficulty, and it makes my earlier baby steps seems so dramatic and whiney.

Not to be too emo, but I had a tough summer last year when I thought about suicide a lot. Then I went to a rodeo and rode a bull for the first time. It was an amazing experience. I realizes that yes... I still wanted to live. Or at the very least, I didn't want to live permanently paralyzed! Being in this sleepsack has made me feel so incredibly alive and happy. It makes me feel like I could do *anything* - that the world is full of possibility and I am fully in it. It's a little different from being an adrenaline junkie, but close.

I know we've touched on this somewhat in conversation. I know you would be capable of much longer if you were more relaxed about it. If you are playing with someone you've built a long history of play with. With other scenes. Building up to the full sack.

I've seen photos of guys with bardex caths in their nose and secured around their head for nasty shit scenes. I have wondered how well that works and how far those tubes go into the sinus. (Which they clearly are)
If they work, it might be better than just rubber tubes in the nostrils.

Also, my aunt is a nurse and she regularly aspirates patients for being knocked out. I bet you could be fed air in a similar way.

Damn it. Now I am getting an erection. And my desk is too close to my crotch. Ouch.

I'll let you know how my "Dark Odyssey" camping adventure goes next month. I've met some wonderful people who want to do horrible nasty things to me. Some details of my surprise have been leaked out: I think it will involve being staked outside naked, with a tube down my nose. I don't think it will involve full intubation (though I've often fantasized about that). But I imagine that it will be very nasty and terrifying!

um, i appreciate the add, but do you ind if i ask why you decided to friend me?

You made an honest and humble comment today in dart-rope's LiveJournal post. Plus, you are adorable, and I'm hoping you will post some more of your poetry in your blog. It's quite good! I'd love to hear it set to music.

Sleepsacks are fun... air being cut off intentionally is fun, sounds like a good time to me :)

yes yes yes .. i do have to agree with you ... well ok i DO like to breath but if i know its happeneing i can prepare :)


That brought back memories

Sounds like you had a great weekend! Wish I could have been there to help you into the sleepsack...

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If I had a boy of my own, I'd make him *drink* it!

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Sweetie, I love you. Just don't buy the farm, 'kay?

Why buy the farm when you can have the milk for free? {grin}