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Hello Mummy


I spent the weekend in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. But I didn't get to see much of the city. Unfortunately, I spent most of the weekend in this rubber sleepsack. Or maybe more accurately, I should say "FORTUNATELY, I spent most of the weekend in this rubber sleepsack" {grin}.


I bought the sleepsack three or four years ago because mummification and rubber both excite me in theory. However, in practice, the combination terrifies me. I tried to get into the sleepsack two years ago at a party, and I only lasted 90 seconds. Take a look at the motherfucker in the picture above. There are ONLY TWO NOSE HOLES! And.... AND! The zip is in the *back*. There are internal rubber sleeves for your arms, so there is NO fucking way a human being could get out of this without help. You would be stuck in a black rubber sweaty prison for a looooong long time.

One of the problems is that the mask is kind of loose. That means when you exhale, sometimes the nose holes don't line back up to your face. It's a terrifying to suddenly realize that *no* air is getting to you. And that it will take 10-15 seconds AT BEST to unzip the back of the hood and let you out. And that's not going to happen. During the weekend, the Master helped me a lot out making sure the hood didn't slip by pressing Her hands over my jaws and mouth. However, that brought on other creative ideas, like pinching the nose holes shut, or putting Her hands around my neck no make sure I couldn't suck any air through the sweaty body of the suit. Mmmm, delicious.

I'd like to take another ride in the rubber sleepsack - but next time with a collar on over the rubber. I'm hoping that might secure the hood a bit better. Or, for real terror, I'd be interested trying in a Bishop's head harness or a muzzle. That would amp up the fear tenfold. In the meantime, does anybody else want to come over and get in my sleepsack and try it out? I promise I won't kill you.

When I wasn't in the rubber sleepsack, I was working as a slave. Oh yeah - I really love to serve. I can't explain the satisfaction and happiness I get from making a Master happy: fetching them things, cleaning Their house, serving sexually. I feel a more than a little stupid about my desire. One day I'm a high-powered computer analyst living in a huge 6,000 square foot mansion, and the next day, I am a groveling slave who needs permission in order to go pee. And sometimes, that permission is denied. It's kind of a radical lifestyle switch. But I absolutely love it.

I have plans to serve the two Masters again next month. I hope August passes quickly.

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