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Hot Hot Heat

Is anybody going to Inferno? I'll be attending sessions A and B from September 4 to 10. This is my first year, and I'm worried I won't know anybody there and have nothing to do for a week.

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(Deleted comment)
I'll bring some puppy gear! Boots, mitts, collar, and tail. I didn't thnk I would... but now maybe I'll find somebody to romp and rassle with.

pimping out my friends and acquaintances

reddywhp and rocketpup usually go, but I'm not sure what session/s.

sirpupnyc and bootjac always go, both sessions.

chronic_petunia Don't let the handle fool you, a heavy player. He impressed me a great deal at IML.

qnetter Session B this year.

(And, of course, pbxlthrman.)

I hope you have a great time.

Re: pimping out my friends and acquaintances

You said i should be more careful as to whom i serve. And to make better choices, right?

I think that came up in a discussion about doing a little more discussion/correspondence and sniffing out the other person -- not really so much for reasons of personal safety as satisfaction with scenes you commit yourself to.

I probably used the word "pimping out" a little too freely here, in jest. I only wanted to let you know of other people I know here on LJ -- some of whom are already on your large friends list -- who have gone or will be going to Inferno. Some of these men I know personally, and the others I know by reputation through mutual friends.

Many men go to Inferno with a lot of dates and plans already set, and have little free time. Regardless, at least you have an icebreaker and something in common to talk about if you see any of these men there.

You're probably also checking in at recon, there's probably a few familiar handles there who are going.

I'll be there for both sessions... If ya see me say hi :)

i'd like to do more than just say "hi".

Maybe i could say "OW" or something!

Wow - both sessions for your first trip. Quite ambitious! ;-)

I'll be at session A with the Master I've been serving for the last five years. I tend to be kept on a pretty short leash - kind of wanting to keep me as a bit of an enigma. Of course, now that I've paraded around on-stage at IML - that air of illusion of mystery has kind of been removed. It'll be interesting to see how things go.

At any rate - enjoy the experience! And if you see me around, come up and say hello if you'd like.


See? All the hot guys are already taken. They should have a lending program for subs, kind of like checking them out of a library or something. There could be late fees, waiting lists, five-star reviews, and automated recommendations from people with similiar interests. You could make a queue of hot men you want to play with (kind of like Netflix), and when they become available, we'll send you the next slave on your list.

ooh - I'm liking the sound of that! And you wouldn't even have to worry about scratching the item before returning...that would actually be encouraged!

i'll be there both sessions on SIRS leash. Reddywhp and Rocketpup are not going this year, instead they are going to Ireland.

Here's another hot man who is already taken. Sheesh... it's bad enough when their dance card is already full. But if they don't even *have* a dance card - well, it makes it trickier.

Edited at 2008-08-27 07:31 pm (UTC)

I'd love to go. I've been invited more times than I can count, but I won't be attending.

You certainly are going to be taking a long vacation in September, huh? sounds nice!

Have fun and don't stop short of being a pig in this event. OINK!!!

Not anything to do? Pshaw. We are going.

I'd love to spend some time with you with my closet full of stinky used hockey pads and football gear. However, there are those damn luggage weight restrictions and second bag airfare charges.

Anything else you can think of that we could do together?

I think your worries are unfounded (but understandable first-time worries)! We'll be there, as you know.

Is there anything i could help You with while You are there?

the best way too keep him happy is to entertain me. a bored skunky leads to being awakened at 5am with sounds of 'I want food. NOW!' :)

(Deleted comment)
If *EVER* there was an acquaintance of mine who I absolutely *KNEW* would *NOT* have "nothing to do" at Inferno ... it would be you.

Hell, three times over, it would be you.

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