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Hot Hot Heat

Is anybody going to Inferno? I'll be attending sessions A and B from September 4 to 10. This is my first year, and I'm worried I won't know anybody there and have nothing to do for a week.

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Re: pimping out my friends and acquaintances

You said i should be more careful as to whom i serve. And to make better choices, right?

I think that came up in a discussion about doing a little more discussion/correspondence and sniffing out the other person -- not really so much for reasons of personal safety as satisfaction with scenes you commit yourself to.

I probably used the word "pimping out" a little too freely here, in jest. I only wanted to let you know of other people I know here on LJ -- some of whom are already on your large friends list -- who have gone or will be going to Inferno. Some of these men I know personally, and the others I know by reputation through mutual friends.

Many men go to Inferno with a lot of dates and plans already set, and have little free time. Regardless, at least you have an icebreaker and something in common to talk about if you see any of these men there.

You're probably also checking in at recon, there's probably a few familiar handles there who are going.

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