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It's by the hush me boys. Put and end to all your noise.
I'm at Inferno this week. If you don't know, it is a gay men's BDSM camping retreat. Basically, it's an excuse for a bunch of horny kinky men to do terrible, wonderful thing to each other. And here I am in the middle of it.

Am I having fun? Yeah... but more than a little overwhelmed by all the action and the energy. I had things done to me with a metal spoon that I kind of regret. Tonight I used over 40 toys on the same guy, many of them all at the same time. I'm bruised and sore and wondering if I'm going to survive another four days of S&M sex.

But what makes me a sad is that this event has reminded me that I'm definitely a strange beast. I could add up all the missed connections, all the rejections and guys who don't want to play with me, and it's a large number. I'm not really finding what I'm looking for. I'm more of a curiosity or a topic of conversation here than a human being.

Some days I wish I could be cloned. First of all, that means that there would be at least one really raunchy guy who would be into the same things that I am. But also, if I had a clone or two (or three or four), then I could travel across the country and serve, while still keeping my house in Colorado. I could be a top, a bottom, a Master, and a slave all at the same time.

However, I don't think the world is ready for a whole rugby team full of mudcubs (mudci?) Just one is more than enough.

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I'm glad you like the wallpaper... I picked it out myself!

I hope you came five times

Can I borrow one of those bodies?
I promise to abuse it in only the finest ways.

You can have clone #6. However, they get stupider and stupider down the line (see the Michael Keaton movie "Multiplicity")

Honey... I don't want it for it's brain.
You I would want for that... Not a clone.

If you had a clone, I might play with your clone and not with you.

But but but... Wouldn't you begin to feel schizophrenic once folks started getting the different Patricks confused?

Not only rugby, but you could do team rodeo events with yourself.

Yummy pic

Nice. Hope there is nasty stories to come from this.

You could do great with a synchronized swimming team!!!

Enjoy Inferno!

~ pug

You better chiggity check your formatting before you wriggity wreck the friendslist I'm looking at.

Fixed, sorry i am so wide...

Them stripes are so slimming :)

damn that looks hot, i cant believe anyone rejecting you!

it's a matter of perspective...

it it makes you feel any better, all of inferno has rejected me. Now, if that isn't a reminder of outsiderness, i'm not sure what is....

have fun out there, and make sure you get to DO in one piece.

I've been to Hellfire Club, but never to Inferno.

Strange, I thought you'd fit in just fine considering what I know about it.

They're probably just made because you're hotter than they are.

nice, but i think i'd prefer a close up

I have left already, but if I can help out by offering some comments I heard, the general consensus was you are very sexy, but it was hard to tell if you were flirting or serious. I thought the same thing.

If you want to do a scene there, you need to come right out and ask and set up the time. I think this tends to confuse a lot of new guys, they think it's like the bar and they have to seduce someone first.

You do have a unique kind of schmoozie sexiness by the way ;)

Thanks! i have high self respect in most everything: looks, money, intelligence. All except for sex. i really can't believe someone would want to have sex with me. i know i know, i'm trying to get over it... and events like Inferno really help me out.

The scenes at Inferno that turned me on the most were the guys in football gear getting tied up. And one of biggest regrets is that i didn't step up and say, "Yeah, that right there? That's what i want. i want to be in that gear. Yes, yes, yes."

It's great to see you smile.

More, privately.

Missed this last night somehow, otherwise I'd have commented then. :-)

Very nice, sexy in deed. If I had one of your less smart clones I'd be forcing it to wear whatever I told it to wear, be it leather or a full suit and live in it for a while. ;-)

But really, I'd take the REAL mudcub over any clone any day for a good conversation, hug etc.

Although as far as the science goes, Multiple Man is--even among the dreadful physics of super-heroes--weak, but philosophically interesting in that he can create spontaneous clones of himself with his current memories, identity and knowledge set, send that clone off to do different things and then reintegrate the clone and all its acquired skills and new knowledge into himself.

I'd rather that model for you, cub, than actual science clones which would be much less interesting. I think you would as well.

AND, I'd get to have one for myself to keep. Wouldn't I?

I'll second what GearJock said.

Yer sexy as hell.. and yer pics, however hot they are, don't do you justice, fella. It was really great to meet the live version of da mudcub.

That said... ya gotta ask for what ya want. Hell.. this was my 9th year and there are still guys there I haven't played with.. likely because I haven't worked up the nerve to ask. It's always a surprise to chat 'em up outside of the Inferno environment and find out they've been holding back for the same reasons.

Yeah.. yer a strange beast.. but so are most of us that show up at that Brigadoon-esque event every year.

I hope you at least enjoyed yourself somewhat at Inferno. The first time can be rough for folks (I almost ran away screaming can you believe that).

Don't be shy next time step up and ask someone I'm sure several of us would've loved to play with you.

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