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Now it begins, now we start

This morning, I accepted a job offer in Sunnyvale, California doing system adminstration work for Lockheed Martin. I'm excited and terrified at the same time. The pay is fantastic and I get to be near some amazing new friends I have met in the bay area. But I don't know how other people do it... the idea of moving all my furniture and finding a place to live 1,000 miles away (in less than two weeks!) seems overwhelming right now.

Plus, I'm very sad that selecting this choice eliminates all the other possibilities that I've been considering over the last few months: Munich, New York City, Pittsburgh, DC. It's like a wave function collapsing... all the probable states are converging into a single position. The location is now fixed, but the velocity is incredibly fast, and the acceleration is increasing exponentially. I feel like a spaceman falling into a black hole, being stretched thinner and thinner. But it's kind of nice. I think the change will be good for me, I get some distance from my ex, and I love San Francisco.

Hopefully, I'll be on the West Coast before the end of the month. I'd like to temporarily live with a Master and His slave that I know in San Jose, and then find an apartment in Sunnyvale. Maybe I'll be able to sell my house in Denver and buy that condo in SOMA that I dream of. See you all soon at the Lone Star, and wish me luck. Fuck...

Allow all of us in the Bay Area to welcome you to our little, expensive corner of the Universe. :)

Well, I know housing prices are crazy, but is the cost of living that much higher than any other big city? I would think that some imported goods might actually be cheaper than Denver since shipping wouldn't be as expensive. Plus, California has low property taxes, gay marriage, and great weather that I'm hoping makes up for it.

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Congratulations on you new job, Mudcub! Wishing you all the best as you begin this new chapter in your life. Perhaps a change of scenery and some distance between you and your ex is precisely what you need right now.

Something tells me you're going to be just fine! :)

I don't know how other people do it... the idea of moving all my furniture and finding a place to live 1,000 miles away (in less than two weeks!) seems overwhelming right now.

Oh, well-- just think of it as a hot BDSM scene. Move that fucking household, pig! NOW! ;-)

Sir yes, SIR! Thank You Sir!

After moving all those boxes, I'm all sore and sweaty...

sigh... and we lose another friend... so much for you saying it will take a while and we will have time ...

we wish you the best in everything you do .. and hope you find what you are looking for...

we will miss you

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This is going to be an awesome move for you.

Freefall-to-terminal-velocity is the best way to approach a big move like this. The human body isn't built to withstand a long, drawn-out move with time to futilely prepare.

I dunno why. But I really want to give you a real strong hug right now.

Thanks man, but I'm cool. Plus, after the last week of Inferno and Dark Odyssey, maybe I've had a little *too* much physical contact lately!

Best of luck! You'll be fine. It helps that you are going there with a good job with good pay. Everything will fall into place.


Exactly as others have stated, breathe deep and take a moment when necessary to calm yourself.

I have a feeling you will land on your feet in no time in the bay area and be just fine.

Hang in there. :-)

Congratulations on the new job!

Welcome to a new step in the adventure of your life.

~ pug

Patrick - Congratulations. Email me this username at y!. I may have a housing solution for you.

We'd better see lots of you before you move, dammit!

Also: "The pay is fantastic.."
Yeah, well, it kinda has to be out there, doesn't it?

You bet! Mike's free as well for dinner or something.

Is it *really* more expensive to live in California? I mean, I know housing prices are high. And I've resigned myself that $4,000 a month buys a great house in Denver but a small two bedroom condo in San Francisco. However, I don't think I will spend twice as much on food or consumer goods. So, where's the huge increase in cost?

Here's my first piece of advice -- BREATHE. exhale. BREATHE. exhale.

You can do this, and it means a fresh start. Just take it one step at a time, while its a short turn around, you'll succeed :)

Yeah, too bad I'm into breath control play! {grin}

Hello, new neighbor!

Come by and see us some time. We live maybe 5 minutes from Lockheed. :)

I expect to see lots of you

Being scared of real life adventures is good for you.