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If all goes well, professional movers will pack up everything I own on Wednesday, September 24, and put it in one of those "PODS" and store it in California. Then, I will drive from Denver to San Francisco in time for the Folsom Street fair on Sunday, September 28. I would start my new job the next day. The element of difficult for this dive is extreme. 

Things I will miss about Denver
My mom
My ex
My four-year-old niece
My brother
Master Ted
Gerry Yutkin 
Leathermen Colorado
[info]coloskind and[info]lvlndlthr
The Denver Sanctuary and MANCode
The Front Range Bears
The Denver Wrangler and the Denver Eagle Sunday beer busts
The Denver Boys of Leather
Colorado Springs
Fort Collins
Casa Bonita
Working as a ranch hand
The Clampers, Al Packer Chapter 100 of E Clampus Vitus
My students, friends, and faculty at the University of Colorado Boulder
All the great guys at Buckley Air Force base
My hockey team, the Colorado Climax (and the Evolution)
My rugby team, the Denver Harlequins RFC
The cowboys with the Colorado Gay Rodeo Association (and everyone at Charlie's)
Tacos at Mezcal
Coconut shrimp at Racine's
17th street, including Hamburger Mary's and Marczyk's Fine Foods
Walking down Broadway: the Crypt, movies at the Mayan, Heaven Sent Me, and antique stores
Colfax Avenue... still the longest main street in America
Concerts at the Bluebird, Odgen, Fillmore, and Red Rocks (and small dives, too)
Playing irish music at the Shebeen
Shopping at Cherry Creek or the 16th Street mall
Art at DAM, MCA, and the Kirkland
CD stores like Wax Trax, Jerry's Record Exchange, Twist & Shout, and Black & Read
The gay bear's book club
The Denver Cycle Sluts
Tattered Cover bookstore
Toys at the Wizard's Chest and Valhalla's
Local artists at the Plastic Chapel, the Fabric Lab, Santa Fe Avenue first fridays, and Pirate and Bug on Navajo Street
Jogging around Cheesman Park
Looking over the Denver Botanical Gardens (and the outdoor concerts)

I never went caving
Or whitewater rafting
I never made friends with a lot of great bears (hi[info]bizarrocub ,[info]musikub ,[info]septimuswarren ,[info]mark_monroe ,[info]velcrorodeo ,[info]kumazuki , and[info]e_falki)
All the guys on recon who didn't give me the time of day
Never found a Master to love
I drifted away from the bear community
I never took that mining job
Never got a PhD in applied math from the Colorado School of Mines
I was never good at any of my jobs for the last 15 years
And I didn't like doing them
Breaking up with my partner of 14 years

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