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10 Ways to Be a Bad Master

Are you feeling *really* sadistic? Why crush a man’s testicles when you can crush his heart? Here are 10 fun things to do to a new or prospective slave.

1. Accuse them, “You’re only in it for the SEX!!!!”

First of all, make this judgment without meeting the slave at all. Ignore anything they’ve written or said to the contrary. Face it, they can’t prove you wrong, and they are just like every other slave you’ve ever met. Even after receiving several thoughtful replies, bring out the next accusation, “You just want to be a slave so you can stop thinking!!!’

2. Talk constantly about other slaves You’ve had in the past

Compare the new slave unfavorable at all opportunities. The *last* slave had no problem following protocol, he used to be able to withstand amazing amount of pain in scenes that were hotter than any sex the new slave could provide. Forget that there is a REASON that the old slave is an “ex”. Remember, absence makes the heart grow fonder.

3. Create a trial period that is completely unlike what things will be like in the future

By all means, in your profile: lie, lie, lie. Promise things that will never happen, misrepresent yourself. The idea of a trial is to make things as hard as possible for the slave, not to provide a mutual opportunity to judge a fitting relationship. This is all about You “winning”.

4. Tell them you won’t have sex with them … and then fuck them anyway

Create a high-minded rationale that slavery is all about service and that You are above such temptations of the flesh. Insist on chastity (for them) as training to focus their mind. Turn natural sexual attraction into a problem and a big deal. Then, in a moment of weakness, fuck them as clumsily and quickly as possible. Your model should be the feeling a virgin has on a drunk prom night… inflating sexual contact a mystical experience that should wait until the “right time”.

5. Fuck them only once, and then reject them

Leathersex is supposed to get better and better as the participants get to know each other. Screw that. Give the prospective slave one opportunity to rock your world, and if they don’t measure up, never call them again. After all, they’ve given you their body and mind, and once you’ve had that… what’s left? Chalk them up as “been there, done him” and move onto the next slave.

6. Complain that the slave is horny

The idea is to make the slave feel bad they have a sex drive. Call them a “slut” or a “whore”. The idea is to get them to think that sex is dirty and wrong. Then complain when they aren’t sexually responsive to You.

7. Play lots of mind games

Remember, a confused slave is an attentive slave. Never pass up an opportunity to contradict yourself. Be a hard-core demanding Master one second, and then instantly switch to an easy-going “dude” or “pal” who ignores any infraction. Everything should be difficult and designed to make the slave uneasy.

8. Negotiation is for pussies

Remember, this is all about *You* and Your desires. If the slave doesn’t instantly say the right things or fit Your exact mental image of a perfect slave, disregard them immediately. One strike and they’re out. Better yet... strike them out before they even get a chance. Dump them instantly based on physical appearance, typos, or anything ever said or entered in a user profile.

9. Be the strong silent type

Give cryptic one-word answers, and wait weeks before replying. This works both verbally in person as well as on the internet. Never explain, never clarify.

10. Go negative

Be as bitter and cynical as You can. The slave will enjoy living in constant fear and unease, like a scared mouse cowering in the corner. Nothing is more fun than being with Debbie Downer who sucks all the air out of the room. Talk about your problems at every opportunity.

And remember... have fun!

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