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Hello, My Name is Patrick Kellogg and I'm a Shopaholic
Tomorrow is moving day! I will set out in my car with 6 months of supplies, and all my stuff will be stored by the wagon train. Hopefully, before next summer, I can sell my house in Denver and find a place to live in San Francisco. Until then, I'll be staying with friends or renting a cheap apartment. What an adventure!

So... this is what 10,000 CDs looks like. After boxing up everything I own, I have to admit that I'm a gearwhore. You don't wanna see the 16 boxes of uniforms, toys, rubber, and leather and that came out of an upstairs closet. It had all been pile in a heap on the floor for the last couple of years. Sometimes I would go in there at night and roll around. But after moving this week, I think I have to admit I have a problem.

Does anybody have a house in the bay area they could sell me that has lots and lots and lots of shelves? And a dungeon...

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I want to see the 16 boxes of uniforms, etc. We could play dress up?

I don't have a house in the bay area, but if you ever want to freecycle any of those uniforms... *big grin*

10,000 CDs. What is that, like, one iPod?

What you have there, my friend, is a music store.

You need a bunch of 3rd world workers to digitize all that for you and put it on an iPod. Then throw those out.

I am really amazed by that pile. wow.

Wow, I'm glad that I made a pile that impressed you...

I really don't have to tell you that you're a very bad boy. Do I?

(Deleted comment)
And I just can't hide it! I'm about to lose control, and I think I like it! Oh, yeah!

(Deleted comment)
you're not really considering living in SF and working in SJ are you? Did anyone mention that it would be an hour's drive each way, assuming no traffic (which is like assuming that the smiling bear in black leather doesn't really wanna hurt you)?

Um, can I dream a second? A bitchin' condo with a dungeon for the weekend within stumbling distance of the Lone Star, and a small room within walking distance of work for M-Th. Or, I could CalTrain... if I pick it up at 4th street, I can be within blocks of the Sunnyvale office in what? 40 minutes? Maybe I find a Master in San Jose, and live in His dungeon during the week, then we drive up to the city to stay at my place a few nights.

you're not really considering living in SF and working in SJ

Lots of people do this. Cause, many of the cool jobs are in the South Bay, but little else is.

Conversely, one could live, in between, like Palo Alto or Redwood City.

Um, I've been doing this for *years*. I find the hour to/from [and a total of over 160 km (100 mi) round trip] Cupertino is an excellent time to listen to music, podcasts, and is the only time I have to call [handsfree] my folks and sister back in Maine.

Caltrain sounds like a great idea, until you try to figure out that there are really only four well synchronized connections [MUNI <-> Caltrain] from your neighborhood, turning a 1 hour commute each way into 2-1/2 hours.

Driving to/from the South Bay is fine. With the economy tanking, and gas prices as high as they are, traffic volume along the I-280 and 101 corridors has gone down substantially. I almost never need to lane-split.

Oh, and at the end of the day, I drive / ride my motorcycle home to SF and NOT to Sunnyvale.

I lived in Sunnyvale for the first 6 months after my move to CA, and I hated it. I spent all my free time in San Francisco, back when I was young, handsome and actually *had* free time.

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If you want a Santa Clara Valley Realtor, let me know. I'll give you Rob Faris.

So all those CD could fit on one iPod like gordreece said.

Welcome to the Valley.

(Deleted comment)
You can do like we do here at work, get a x-san and dedicate a few terabytes to the music storage

Good luck with the move, I wouldnt mind rolling around with you in the gear.

I'm trying to pack a pile of folded fabric that could eat your CDs. lol

My intervention should have centered around fabric yardage and themed baking pans.

My CD/vinyl/DVD etc collections have nuthin' on ya but I'm not about to get rid of any of it.

I don't have a lot of leather, but I DO sleep with it on the bed tho. :-)

The good news is that the P-I reported today that home values have been dropping drastically in San Francisco.

Happy travels.

Also, rolling around in a bunch of stuff at night sounds fun!

When I said "Invest in CDs" I had something else in mind.

Oh, by the way, taking the CDs (and booklets, and tray cards) out of their jewel boxes saves a remarkable amount of space. I have one other friend with a collection like yours which he fits in a single bookcase that way.

Holy Bananas! That's a metric assload of CDs!!

You don't wanna see the 16 boxes of uniforms, toys, rubber, and leather and that came out of an upstairs closet

No, no, I DO.

Particularly the uniforms, one of my many, many little kinks ...

one of my many, many little kinks ...

Haha, you said "little."

Where's the Paul Anka CD?

I don't have any Paul Anka CDs, but every time I tell people I'm moving to San Jose, everyone starts singing that fucking Burt Bacharach song. And I mean *everyone* over the age of 40... friends, relatives, shopkeepers, total strangers. I want to kill Dionne Warwick.

Damn I thought my little 3000 was alot!

That pile of CDs is a beautiful, beautiful thing.

Thank god there are still some of us that purchase physical media.

Yeah, I want to put a mattress on the top of it and use it as a bed!

(Deleted comment)
Would be fun to have hot monkey sex on a pile of cds like that ;)

I admit, I'm a slut for music :)

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