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Singletails of the City

Some notes and news:

The movers were a day late, so I left my mother to make sure everything I owned got put on the truck. This was a bad idea... she was an emotional wreck. I didn't think my leaving Denver would be so hard on my mother, since we had lived in different cities man times before. It was heartwrenching for me to see her like that, and heartless for me to ask her to help me move. Meanwhile, my brother and father didn't bother to see me in person before I left town, or even call on the phone.

I drove for 12 hours on Friday and 9 hours on Sunday. I stayed with a friend in Elko, Nevada who had a hot tub and a lot of sympathy. I had lunch in Reno, Nevada on Saturday at Fitzgerald's casino, where I quickly lost $40. It was "bike week" in Reno last weekend, so I enjoyed looking at all the scenery.

I got into San Jose in time Saturday night for a bondage party at the Cage Community house. I would have thought that a party where everyone was tied up would be boring, but it was actually a great time. Someone would take out a new piece of "equipment" and someone else would get put into it, over and over again. Man, boys can be frisky, can't they?

I went to the Folsom Street fair on Sunday. Lots of people and things to see. I was in the city for less than an hour when someone smashed in my window and stole my car radio. I guess that is the way they say, "Welcome to San Francisco!" Without a window, it got broken into again this morning, but nothing else was stolen.

At the fair, I ran into Urso, and told him I felt like that girl in that book "Tales of the City", just arriving in San Francisco. He figured out a good drag name for me would be "Mary Ann Singletail". I personally think I moore resemble Mary Tyle Moore, since I grew up in Minneapolis like she did. 

I am staying in my friend's dungeon for a few weeks, but looking into renting a room in Milpitas. I still own a house in Denver that might be difficult to sell. If I could unload it, I could look into buying a condo in SOMA in a few months.

Going to the San Jose Sharks hockey game tomorrow against the Phoenix Coyotes. Haven't seen a single football game all season, nor played World of Warcraft. However, I made sure I didn't pack my running shoes, so I hope I can find put in some miles at 24 Hour Fitness today. I'll look into rugby and ice hockey in the bay area, as well as try to find the bear and leather groups.

I'm more than a little overwhelmed, what with trying to fix my car and all. I hate that all my stuff is packed away where I can't get to it. It will be a few weeks before I think I'll be in the mood to be social.

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