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You Ain't Got No Horns On Ya Boy
At the beginning of the year, I set a goal for myself: to be invited to the IGRA finals rodeo. Well, I found out last week that I acheived enough points to compete in steer riding.

I did 5 rodeos this summer, and only "covered" in three of them, with the highest score being a third-place ribbon (with no buckles). But that was enough to qualify for the finals on October 10-12. Unfortunately, I can't fly back to Denver for the event. Plus, my goal was to *qualify* for finals... not necessarily attend. So, I'm happy with myself and feel like a right cowhand today.

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Congrats! you can pull the boy off of the cow, but ya can't take the cow out of the boy!

Yee-haw! Congratulations! No longer the greenhorn!

But is there an initiation?

No initiation, Sir! But i brought my "heeling rope" in the car with me so i could practice my roping this winter to be ready for next year.

Congrats, I had no idea. I am totally impressed. And I will admit I have a thing for cowboys....

Well, boy howdy.
A ribbon and no broke bones is a good year.

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