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But Some Of Them Are Green
Overheard in the bay area:

"The bears here in San Francisco are like buses"

"Because there's another one along every ten minutes?"

"No, because they are big, smelly, and use up too much energy"

"Oh, I thought it's because so many people can get inside them..."

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Thanks for giving me a big assed grin. Too true.

Are you going to GS Buddies tonight?

No! Forgot all about it. Are you free any time next week? I'd love to come up and see you.

And I thought I was bitchy and catty sometimes...

Because we're the most reliable of all public utilities!

PG&E doesn't stand for "Pass gas and eat"!

They also run in packs of two or more, just like the MUNI buses...

And we're always late? And slow?

And we're always late? And slow?

Hey, speak for yerself! I'm never late and am only slow when told to "Take it easy!"

(Deleted comment)
Love it, love it, love it. The men, the food, the arts and music scene. Leather, bars, leftist politics. There's something going on *every* weekend. I could see Tom Stoppard's "Rock & Roll" next weekend or "Spring Awakening" or a thousand other things. Lots and lots of hot sex with wonderful people.

What I don't like? The crime, housing prices, proposition 8. Being stuck in traffic for an hour and half last night, just to drive 10 miles. I'm not settled into my new place, and all my possessions are in storage, so I still feel pretty homeless. I'm working long hours at my new job, and sometimes I think I could be living in Kansas for as much as I get outside after work. But then something or someone comes along to rock my world, and I'm happy that I moved from Denver, because I sure wasn't finding a leather Master there.

(Deleted comment)
i would think its because they all bunch up.

Glad you are enjoying SF!

I think it's enjoying *me* {grin}

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