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(no subject)
I will be in New York City Friday through Monday for the New York Leather Weekend!

I will be serving a wonderful Master all weekend, so I won't be at liberty to play. But there will times I will be on a longer leash, so if you see me out and about, please say "hi!"

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Oh shit!!! I forgot that was this weekend!! Now I have to grab my camera and go shootin'!!

I ♥ your adapted/mash-up logo! Very clever. I think even Milton Glaser would get a chuckle out of it (once he knew about the leather pride flag).

I am tempted to steal it.

Feel free, Sir! i am honored. Given as a gift... no theft necessary.

Could you bring back a nice furry boy for me to abuse a bit.


Oh and one who can clean house and do lots of office work as well.

i think i could be that boy!

boys always say that. then i tell them we're talking about my bedroom, which is a nightmare's worth of 10 months of being ignored cleaning wise. cause i been kinda busy trying not to drop dead!
and the office stuff, think 10 months worth of medical paperwork, bills, reports, more bills. and all the crap from social security and my retirement stuff, shit that needs to be sorted and scanned and recorded for taxes!

so they learn that and pussy out. or they just want to be restrained and plugged and cockcaged up, oh so quickly forgetting that reason why they came over. to fucking work and yet they always fail to impress me.
so many bottoms, so few really good boys.

I went to a Master's house Saturday. He hadn't unpacked from IML... last year. That's May 2007. But here's something - as a slave, i don't judge the Master. If that's the way He wants to live, that's ok with me. i'm not trying to make fun of Him on LiveJournal. i'm just honored He invited me over to His house. Plus, maybe it was smart... all His IML stuff was packed and ready to go for 2009!

So, i came over in the morning at about noon. i did the living room, vacuuming and putting things right where i thought. He was inspired by a naked boy cleaning in the next room, and organized His bedroom. i liked being able to put together shelves to store His boots... maybe i'll get to come over and polish all of them someday. Then, i cleaned the kitchen top to bottom and more vacuuming.

Then, after about four hours, the whole house looked better and the bedroom was free of clutter. So, W/we got finally around to the IML bag. He took out all of the toys, dusted them off, and then He put all stuff to use on me one-by-one! So... i don't do menial chores expecting a reward to come later. But if and when it does, it's *really* nice! {grin}

i'd be honored to come over and help You clean, Sir! Though a buttplug and some chains would make me work with a smile on my face.

well we shall have to figure out sometime then boy, though i've working on the bedroom recently. i just get tired quickly with this jacked up heart of mine :(
to that there is a tv in the garage i'm not supposed to lift that needs to be put to in the car to take to goodwill and a shelving unit at ikea i want to get, but getting it up 3 flights of stairs is rather impossible for me... unless i plan it with a trip to the ER :)

so pack up your mop, windex, butt plug and chains!

Cool, have a good time, I think I'm going to be up here still for that, so I won't be out and about that weekend.

Oh yeah... and have fun! Behave, play safe, be respectful, strive to do a good job, but remember, you've been punished before because you try to do too much for everyone, instead of doing a few basic things correctly. Listen to the Master, have the balls to ask questions instead of just assuming, be proactive, but not pushy. And give us all a GOOD report when you return.

May you have a wonderful weekend!

~ Pug

I'm planning to go with a few friends to the "Return to the Mineshaft" from noon-3pm in the village. I will keep an eye out for you.

I can't believe you were here and I missed it for lack of an internet connection!

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