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Slightly Depressing Meme
The problem with LJ: we all think we are so close, but really, we know nothing about each other. So I want you to ask me something you think you should know about me. Something that should be obvious, but you have no idea about. Ask away. Then post this in your LJ and find out what people don't know about you!

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Do you have any siblings? Any nieces or nephews?

One older brother who lives in Colorado with his wife. They adopted a baby girl from China three years ago, and she is a wonderful niece. Leaving Denver last month was hard because I won't be around to see her grow up.

(Deleted comment)
Definitely. I've been really attracted lately to women who "own" their sexuality and are studying to be better tops and/or bottoms.

(Deleted comment)
I'd love to own a bulldog, but since I've been traveling so much, I don't think that would be fair to him. I've got an odd pro-animal stance where I'm nervous about the idea of sentient creatures being kepts as pets. I know, I know, a stray pup is happier in an apartment than running around in the wild. But the whole industry that has grown up around owning other creatures makes me nervous. Not that I do anything about it politically, though.

(Deleted comment)
Yes! Although I can be kind of a hermit... to me "fun" is leveling in World of Warcraft over fours at home alone. The kind of fun I've been having the last three weeks is more of a "drive four hours to a distant city to meet someone for an intense emotional connection" sort of thing. A higher degree of difficulty, and even though it has a higher rate of return, there is a substantial risk on investment. World of Warcraft will still be there months from now, but these new opportunities are rare and precious.

What of your many accomplishments in life are you most proud of?

1. My 14 year relationship
2. My graduate degree, and the job I did as a teacher
3. Coming out fully, both as a gay man, and also as a leatherman

I just noticed the picture on your website. Very Handsome. Is there a special man in your life?? Are you looking?

I just got out of a 14 year relationship in May. Still pretty sad about that. Being in a loving, committed partnership was one of the best feelings I've ever had, and I'd give just about anything to get back to that state. So, yes, I'm definitely looking. I want to find a "Master/slave" relationship where I'm the slave, and I do whatever the Master tells me to do. It's a little tricky to find that, there are few guys who "get it", and I'm very new at that style of power exchange. There are a few Masters that mean a lot to me, but it hasn't worked out for one reason or another (long-distance relationship, the Master is already taken, I'm not a good enough slave, things don't quite work right now, or other reasons). So, I am currently "uncollared".

are you gay lol ...... hahahhaha just kidding about that !

so which part of sex you don't enjoy doing ??

Yup! I call myself "gay" even though I like having sex with all genders. I'm actually kind of a strange person when it comes to sex. Maybe I'm autistic? I dunno. But I could last the rest of my life without touching another person. I could definitely be happy never kissing french kissing another person or sucking another dick. So, I love the Master/slave dynamic because it forces me to be physical and cuddle, and express myself that way.

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why havnt you been tested for add?

I've never found time to go get tested for... oh look! Butterflies!

the reason i ask this...and HIGHLY suggest it is from what we talked about at CLAW and things that you said about your past relationship and what i know from my past relationship.

if you want to read something more about it, read Driven to Distraction.

i can not tell you to do it, just suggesting, but if we both have ADD, it may make future relationships beter

Have you ever gotten completely turned off in a intimate scene and stopped it entirely?

You bet! Earlier this year, I brough gryphons_hole to a local leather dungeon in Denver, and I got to tie him down and play with him for an hour or so. It was great fun... he is one of the most amazing responsive sensual bottoms I've ever had the luxury of topping. After we cleaned him up and walked him around the space, he said, "Hey Patrick, get on the St. Andrew's cross!"

Gryphon is a really talented flogger, but at the first hit, I jumped off the cross and told him it wasn't going to happen. Maybe I just wasn't in a bottom mindspace. But also, the dungeon was going to close soon, and I felt rushed... like the scene was a pity-fuck for me. I know that wasn't the case, and I regret I've never subitted to Gryphon (yet!), but that was a weird moment when I realized I couldn't go through with that scene. Hrm, I wonder what would have happened if he would have *forced* me (/erecting)

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