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Fleur de sel caramels
I often have food cravings I can't get rid of. Recent examples have been McDonald's quarter pounders, fresh pineapple, Pizza Hut meat lover's pan pizza, sundried tomatoes, cool ranch flavored doritos, imported cheeses, unagi sushi, jelly donuts, truffles (both kinds, but not at the same time), or the taste of chewing tobacco. As a kid, my mom was amazed I would eat the same thing for lunch every day (like peanut-butter-and-jelly sandwiches) and then switch to only eat something else (like olive loaf sandwiches).

Lately I have a craving for "fleur de sel" caramel. Häagen-Dazs just came out with a reserve ice cream flavor, and I was hooked. That wonderful Häagen-Dazs vanilla, with just enough salt taste to make you want to take another bite - and then another. A glass of ice water is definitely needed afterwards! But I wanted to try the real thing, so I got online and ordered a box from Fran's Chocolates.

The box came in the mail today, and I'm really impressed. Shipped in a beautiful gift container on ice. The weather has been quite cloudy here in San Jose, so I don't think I needed to worry about melting, but the cold packs were a nice touch. I know I'll use them for the scrapes and cuts I get from playing rugby with the SF Fog. (And bruises from rough sex, cough, cough).

There are two kinds of fleur de sel caramels in this box: dark chocolate with gray salt, and milk chocolate with smoked salt. The smoky taste reminds me of a wonderful dessert I ate with thornyc last month at WD50. The salt hits your tastebuds first, like doing a tequila shot. It's quite a wake-up... like being slapped. Then, your tongue tastes the chocolate, literally being coated in cocoa butter. Your teeth bite down into the caramel, and they keep sinking into the sugar. It's a great animalistic feeling, like ripping meat off a bone. The caramel squishes and chews, and the remaining salt gives an occasional crunch and flavor pop that keeps things interesting.

I know, I know... I'll put anything into my mouth. I have a sick fetish to be tied up, and the Top feeds me things like fleur de sel caramels. Or His cock - that's salty and sweet as well!

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I love Fran's salted caramels... sooooo goooood!

And that Haagen-Dazs ice cream is a favorite of mine.

Both scratch my salty/sweet itch just so!

OMG. I've tasted these myself when one of our AEs was trying to sell them on advertising (no luck). So, now you must come visit the Emerald City and visit Fran's in person. :D

Mickey Dees' quarter pounders must have ample doses of crack and heroin in them, because if I have one, I'm eating the damned things all week.

Mmm...yum. Love that mix of sweet and salty. A friend of mine years ago shocked me when she reached across the table, grabbed the salt shaker and salted the chocolate cake that had just been set down in front of her. I tried a bite, and I've loved the combination ever since.

Have you tried Starbucks new Salted Caramel Signature Hot Chocolate? Not as rich and gooey as the long since gone Chantico.. but pretty damned good none the less.

So... would you tie me up and blindfold me sometime Sir? i think that could be a real memorable dinner for me!

Hrm... so makin' ya barf on the bar counter at Summer Camp and sending you off with one of Camp's woofiest perverts wasn't enough for you, huh cub?

That said.. better be careful what you ask for.

I think there are so many fun places that scene could go. I tied up a guy once to my dining room chair, and used all the kitchen implements on him one by one (remember the "Aunt Jemima" treatment from the movie Stripes? {grin}. Spatulas, egg beater, I have a milk frother that might be the most sadistic toy I own)

I blindfolded the bottom and tried to do a bunch of sensation play. I put curry powder on his tongue... hot sauce on his dick. However, he wasn't into it at all. I felt like I really failed as a Top, but it turned out that the guys wasn't into creative BDSM. I'd love to try it again with a more willing boy.

Sounds fun!
Given, I've never been through the experience, so I might freak, but it sounds fun...

mmmmm sounds great i'll have to try both some time ;)

now that you live in Chocolate Heaven

don't forget, the Bay Area has more chocolatiers than anywhere else in the country. Check out Guittard (Burlingame) or Scharffen-Berger (Berkeley) or any of dozens of smaller producers. There's more than one way to get that nice brown color in your mustache! Draeger's and Andronico's both have killer selections of wonderful stuff.......

Re: now that you live in Chocolate Heaven

Scharffen-Berger gets my tongue hard!

Re: now that you live in Chocolate Heaven


Re: now that you live in Chocolate Heaven

Both the chocs AND the owner! Yummmmmmmmmm

I LOVE fleur de sel caramel chocs!

My 2-cents worth.


And as a bonus, don't forget to check out the owner!


I'd feed him MY cock anyday ;o)

I was JUST at Frans on Sat in Seattle.. I should have picked a box up for ya!

salts you should try (with caramel or not):
Maldon Sea Salt (England)
Murray River Salt (Australia)
Halen Môn Sea Salt with Tahitian Vanilla (Wales)

So do all the food cravings mean you're pregnant now? ;)

:) Pregnant?


Umami is among the finest of the flavours. And unagi has it in abundance.
When I lived in Taiwan I adored the night markets for their selections of food. It was part of the scene. Very Chinese for areas to be known for specific food items, so if you wanted something specific you'd have to go to the right place. In the night market near my university, Shida, the night market was not one of the better ones in terms of size and variety, but what it did have was nigh perfect. One man with a cart with barbecue on top sold only freshly done unagi. That's all. Nothing but. And it was magnificent. I'll take you sometime, if you like Mud.

I'm a total sensualist and a gastronome, I love that you are too.

Wow! You are a fan of unagi? And Jonathan Coulton? And Dr. Who, Japan, and 80s music, and S&M?

i think the time has come to admit that W/we are perfect for each other, and i should move in with You and be Your slave forever...

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