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Top secret
I take security very seriously. My clearance is a big reason why I still have a job in this economy. So, I make sure that I do everything correctly: boxes locked down, no cell phones in the "SCIF", memorize all passwords, "portion mark" all documents, clear my desk and lock everything away at the end of the day, don't use the secure "red" phone while someone else is making an unclassified phone call, and a lot more.

One of the odd things about working with the military are all the posters that go up in the office. These went up this week. I love the socialist look of some of the artwork... workers unite! But while the guys in the posters are kind of hot, it's kind of depressing to walk past dead bodies floating from a sinking ship every day. Still, they get me kind of excited with all the blood and dirt. Am I a bad person?

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Yes. Bob Crane. Leather fighter jacket. Yes. Now showing regularly on cable. Yes.

There was an episode where an airplane crashed near the Stalag, and Colonel Klink captured the pilot, tied him to a chair, and tortured him by feeding him things. It was a huge fantasy of mine for years, but I've never been able to find that episode. Maybe I'll check Amazon.com for the DVDs.

I don't think I've ever seen that episode. Of course I also love the ones where Hogan gets to dress up in a Nazi uniform, you know, so he can go to Hammelburg. Or something.

And the fag in me loves the Russian Diva.

tvland.com has a large number of episodes online. It might be there.

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