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Being In Your Disease

I bought another piece of art for my new room. It's a serigraph from Derek Hess. I love his artwork; it has a raw sketched quality that verges on techno goth. This print has wonderful details you can't see on the gif above... there are X and O plays written all over the guy's face, as well as a vibrant overall orange color that will look great with the custom mat I'm framing it with.

From the website, here is the artist's description. It's kind of appropriate for my attitude lately! "Following the Self Will print from 1996, this piece is about a mind set on your own annihilation, being in your disease, not being focused or perhaps being too focused without regards to the ramifications."

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(Deleted comment)
Check out the rest of his work. Pretty cool, huh?

Kick ass! I've never said this before, but I have the strongest urge to get a tattoo.

Glad to see he's wearing a cup! He's gonna need it in that game!

You *would* be looking in that general area! {grin}

Have you ever seen some of Darren's art work? Here's on LJ here as mancerbear.

Not only is HE hot, but his art work is amazing too!



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