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Black eye
If you voted for Proposition 8, please don't say, "But I have gay friends."

You don't have any gay friends. You will never have any gay friends. What you might have are homosexual acquaintances that you fucked over.

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exactly. oh, and because of all this, i just discovered that i have a person on my friends list who is basically of that school of thought. she thinks her gay friends are "cool" but blah blah blah religion-cakes blah

because she is young and because i barely know her and because we are the only mutual friends on each other's lists (i have a lot of young women on my f-list who found me through my other writing work, it seems), i am exercising patient calm while explaining all the facts to her. it's WEIRD. it's especially weird for me because i'm usually neither patient nor calm

Edited at 2008-11-19 01:16 am (UTC)

don't forget to ask her (assuming she thinks this anti-gay shit is biblical) if she has stoned all the women in red dresses, or killed everyone who wears cotton and wool together, or eats shellfish, or if she figured out how jebus ended up with a dozen sailors following him around, and why only one of them got pissy and jealous...

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