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Is there a Washington A.C.? I swing both ways...

Work is sending me to Washington D.C. for a week of training: November 29 to December 7. Do you have any ideas of fun things to do? I'll be staying near ther Green Lantern... but a whole week of hanging out at a bar sounds kind of sad. Maybe I'll see the Smithsonian - I haven't done that yet. Anybody want to get together for a quick dinner or hot sex? Or quick sex and a hot dinner?

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I was in DC for Clinton's second inauguration. Yeay, High School civics classes. The Smithsonian was a blast. The Capitol was interesting, the Lincoln memorial was inspiring, the Vietnam Memorial was depressing, the Washington monument was exhausting.

Do the regular tourist thing. And if you're feeling opinionated check and see if your congress critter is still in town and bend their ear.

i didn't get to go into the Capitol last time... i think it takes advance planning to get an invitation. Mid-Atlantic Leather is the weekend before Obama's inauguration, and i think it's going to be a blast. i was invited to go MAL and serve; i am a lucky boy.

There're a lot of perverts in DC-you bound to get into some fun :)

Any perverts come to mind? Recommendations? Guys to stay away from? i am at kellogg@dim.com or http://www.patrickkellogg.com

I can think of several perverts, but I'm feeling greedy at the moment-well, no, not really, they all seem to be busy at this time of year-I even had something down there cancelled fairly recently because of schedules...

The Smithsonian is frustrating. So many awesome things to see, but never enough time to see it all.

It is run by sadists, so you'll like it ;)

And it closes WAY early - 5:00PM!

Sweet. Hope to see you out and about!

Huggy bear! Wanna meet up for a drink or something? Patrick Kellogg kellogg@dim.com 303-594-9220 cell

just sent you a text so you'd have my number.

You do realize that Baltimore is only a 45 min train ride away and that I could come show you around for a day or something right? =)

I didn't know it was so close! I'll have a car as well.

It's 60 mins by car. =) Also, I'm actually have a b-day party here no the 29th.

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i'd really like that. i felt i treated you badly last time when i ditched ya at the bar. Wish i had the guts to go out n meet bullgoon cops... and thinking that it should be a new year's resolution. Just go out and buy some coffee to give away {grin}

(Deleted comment)
I took my ex Michael to see them at the Denver Botanical Gardens, and he really liked the show. I was surprised. I'm not a big fan of the new 'revisited' CD, but I'm happy the music remains a part of my life.

Love ya SWarren... miss ya... hope you are doing well and I kinda regret not spending more time getting to know you.

Smithsonians are fun, the memorials are a must at least one day.

I'll be out of town the 5-7, but would be happy to do dinner or drinks on other nights. :)

*pout* when you gonna come down to Oklahoma.

Don't be put off by the nay-sayers - the Smithsonian and the National are two of the finest museums on the planet. Any little part of them you take in will be worth the effort. If you want company doing that, even during the week, let me know.

I'll be in town (Rockville) that same week. There is definitely some stuff to do there, though I probably won't be at a bar much there. Hoping to run into some Inferno buddies, maybe a dinner can be planned.

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