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Hello Daddy!
 This week, I did something I didn't think I would do: I took hot cheesecake pictures of my ex so he could meet guys on the internet and have sex with cubs other than me.

Michael is still the hottest bear I've ever met. He's the whole package: kinky, fun, funny, nice, hot, patient, and above all "kind". He doesn't have a sarcastic bone in his body... and is completely free of the hip catty bitchiness so popular in the gay community. Maybe it's because he's an ol' cowboy from Texas, but I've never met anybody as stable and centered as he is. Part of me is still completely in love with him, though I think we both realize we can't live together anymore.

But I'm pimping him out for LiveJournal. Check him out, send him an email, and then go have sex with him and fall in love. Trust me, you won't regret it!


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aw. i wanted to be in the spanking photo..

very fucking hot pics yo.

He looks like a young Colonel Sanders. Can he fry chicken? If so, he may just be the perfect man! LOL

He gets the Col. Sanders thing from time to time... especially when he dresses in his civil war uniform. But he also gets Kenny Rogers a lot.

Personally, I had a crush on Grizzly Adams when I was a kid.. and when I saw Michael's wonderful full head of blonde hair, I was struck. He's handsome.

i was totally going to say he should have dressed up in colonel sanders drag, but i thought that would be mean..

rawr ;)

He is a very handsome man, but your sweet ass over his knee... PERFECT!

Woof, yum. I especially like the hint of sac that's peaking out in the spanking photo.

He has a beautiful smile!

Yes, really white teeth... and I always thought something looked leonine about him.

You were married to Stuart Smalley? ;)

Well, I was good enough, I was smart enough, and doggone it... he liked me!

uhm you BETTER not have been in Denver... seriously ... I’m beginning to think you are avoiding us ..sigh. we still miss you .. allot...

Quite handsome & a beautiful smile!!

For some unknown reason, he reminds me of Rolf Harris, but you probably will have NO idea who THAT is! LOL


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