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Full Bears

I just had a wonderful brunch with qxbear , legalmoose , and cubdrummer  at Georgia Brown's. We ate waaaay too much. They do a weird thing that I didn't expect where the first and third courses are all-you-cat-eat buffet... while the second main course is cooked to order. I am ashamed to say that we all had to bring home our entree: buttermilk fried chicken. I would recommend Georgia Brown's to anybody planning a holiday party in Washington DC. Definitely a great place to eat - and such wonderful bears to eat with!

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(Deleted comment)
I love Busboys & Poets for breakfast!

I'm in DC through Friday. Wanna get together? Maybe tomorrow night? (Tuesday, Dec 2) I'll be at the Green Lantern from 7 pm until about 8 pm.

I will stop by it will have to be quick though I will be working and UPS knows no time limits LOL

I have always wanted to be a chocolate fountain for a bear dinner. If anyone out there needs a bear to pose under a flowing stream of chocolate for a few hours, let me know!!

Oh, silly me, I wasn't logged in when I posted that.

I could never say no to a chocolate fountain!!!!!

Is that a chocolate fountain or ....?

It's a choloate fountain about as tall as I am!

I'm sure you know where my mind was goin' with that one when I first saw it. ;o{)

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