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Great. Just What I Need. Another Computer-Based Hobby.

I just joined Facebook!

If you want to add me as a friend, I'd appreciate it:

Patrick Layne Kellogg
Santa Clara, CA
patrickkellogg on yahoo
facepic from http://www.patrickkellogg.com

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It's overrated. And the applications and snowballs and invites will eventually get on your nerves. I promise.

Yet, I am still on there... ;-)

it's a bird! it's a plane! it's CyberBoy!

i'm not really an early adopter, Sir. For example, i just got an iPod last year, and i don't have an iPhone yet!

Are you all three names Patrick Layne Kellogg on facebook? It couldn't find Patrick Layne Kellogg

Did I do it wrong? It seems like you can't search for yourself, so I can't verify what you're seeing. Please try using my email of kellogg@dim.com instead.

(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
You were hip before being hip was hip!

I just started "using" not too long ago myself. I added you on there.

Does this mean you've now had sex with everybody here at Live Journal?

Only all the Tops, Sir. And that didn't take long at all...

I can't seem to find you on there.


That's my profile if you'd like to add me.

Finally! :)

Added you. And now I can finally tag you in that pic from NYLW.

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