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Happy Pagan Holiday!
Currently at Reagan International airport, returning from a week-long business trip to Washington DC. I felt a little stupid lugging a thirty pound leather sleepsack from coast to coast, but it turned out that it was wonderful. I got to spend some time in it over the weekend, and had a fantastic time. I sure love bondage!

If you would like to send me a card this holiday season, my address is:

Patrick Kellogg
3886 Eastwood Circle
Santa Clara, CA 95054

If you would like to get a card from me, please enter your address as a reply to this post. All comments will be screened! 

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You look like you have lost some weight.

That is an old photo. i am back up to 215 pounds now. i need a Master to order me to get my ass back into shape! {grin}

Is that your new, permanent address?


This is a room I am renting from the excellent sfbritskin. I plan to live here for over a year, but will hopefully buy a place of my own in San Francisco this summer. You can always send mail to my Santa Clara address!

lugging a thirty pound leather sleepsack from coast to coast
Are there any electro/e-stim toys in that collection of yours?

Thank You for Your address, Sir. Yes, i have a folsom box, and also a remote-control unit, with various attachments. The remote is a lot of fun. You can take a boy out for dinner and watch him try to concentrate on eating and not yelping while you keep pressing the button!

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